I’ve been a bad girL..

..don’t spank me

I’ve been abandoning this pLace for quite a Long time.. And don’t even mention my Posterous space. Or my TumbLr. The Latter is as deserted as a deserted-est graveyard.

It’s Like I’ve Lost aLL the wiLL to write and post anything. Which is not exactLy true, because I have a shitLoad of draft posts saved on Evernote.

Maybe I’LL start by importing aLL my oLd bLog stuffs from MuLtipLy. Or posting those Evernote notes. Or Looking for widgets that REALLY work on WordPress.

3 comments on “I’ve been a bad girL..

  1. okeyzz says:

    Aaaaw~ blogging-block? *ini istilah ngawur*
    Anyway, I’m happy you decided to update your wordpress!!

    Di wordpress berasa sepi tahu mba, soalnya di MP sendiri kan aku paling menantikan updetanmu.#eaa

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