D-9 *GASP* and I’m stiLL struggLing with maps. Trying to get a vague idea on how to get from Point A to Point B. And throw an effort to save some penny into it, my brain was fried.

CuriousLy, the one I found more daunting turned to be easier WhiLe the others have turned into some kind of monsters made of abstract Lines.

Maybe I’m just stressing myseLf out. Maybe I just have to sit back and wait and see what wiLL happen when the time comes. But somehow, I’m scared to see where my usuaL careLessness wouLd take me. If I couLdn’t figure out some goddamn trains, subways, and buses maps, how couLd I ever figure out the maps of my Life?

Oh Mappingway, how I wish you were reaL.

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