Things I wiLL probabLy miss the most from my current job

So next Monday wiLL be my Last day at work.. Though I don’t actuaLLy LOVE my job and don’t particuLarLy find difficuLty with parting from it, there are some things I wiLL probabLy miss.. Like:

the free snacks.

From top, cLockwise: Grape Pocky (Japan), Hanuta wafers (Germany), green tea KitKat (Japan), Mozart marzipan chocoLate (Austria), Shinshu appLe KitKat (Japan), more green tea KitKat, an orange wafer from Tokyo, a momogi-Like snack from Japan, and Hanuta Mini wafer (Germany)

from Left to right: Sweet Pie (Korea), Crunch Punch (Korea), Tokyo Sunrise Powder ChocoLate (Japan)

Bamboo peanuts, saLty mochi, candy cane, aLL from Taiwan


The random, smaLL souvenirs.

mini Fragonard VioLette EDT from France

Luggage Lock from Japan Tourism Board


Seeing beautifuL presentations from foreign traveL agents and hoteLs’ saLes reps. ALways make me feeL dreamy afterward. (The Last one I met was a saLes  manager from Taj HoteLs Resorts and PaLaces. GLorious Indian PaLaces.)

India Luxury Hotels   


The traveL agents.. I’ve grown quite fond of some of them.. EspeciaLLy the ones from Turkey and Vietnam.

The free catered Lunches. Not aLways tasty, but they’ve been a huge money savers.

And of course, my buddies.

3 comments on “Things I wiLL probabLy miss the most from my current job

  1. okeyzz says:

    Ternyata kitkat macam2 ya jenisnya..
    aku cuma pernah nemu kitkat pasaran yg warna merah itu.

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