Bird and bee

In a corner in front of the shelf containing books about dinosaurs in a big bookstore at a mall in South Jakarta..


Boy in black (BB) : I hate computer Lessons in my school.
Boy in red (BR) : I hate it too! But I like chemistry

Me — wtf, he must be stiLL in eLementary school but he aLready studies chemistry??

A few minutes Later..

BR : ..this is called sperm. This is male’s genital, and this is female’s genital. So when you put the male’s genital and the female’s genital together, it Looks Like this..

BB : And then babies happen?
BR : Uh.. Yeah.

Me and another guy who’d been eavesdropping — tried to Laugh siLentLy.

Boys, I didn’t even know how babies are made untiL I was eLeven.

4 comments on “Bird and bee

  1. okeyzz says:

    Ha, anak SD macam apa itu lebih suka chemistry.. sampe skg aku masih sebel sama mapel itu, huh *curcol

  2. akuh baru tau soal gimana bis abikin baby pas smp… mungkin kelas 2 ato 3 ya? POLOS gila!!

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