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Everyone can say anything they want about Miss Universe, but one thing for sure is I Love to Look at the photos of NationaL Costume Show. It’s an aLmost-obsession, I guess.

Let’s start by pLaying anaLysis about Indonesian nationaL costume:

I HATE IT. I know it represents Garuda, Indonesian mythicaL symboL, it’s coLored in Indonesian nationaL coLors, it incorporated contemporary batik design, but.. imho it’s ugLy. Previous Indonesian costumes had aLways -somewhat- been succesfuL in representing our tradition and Looked eLegant at the same time, but this one feeLs too Latin/Southern American carnivaL-ish. Figures, it was designed by the mastermind of SoLo Batik CarnivaL. FaiL 😐

On with the rest of the Likes, in aLphabeticaL order:

Cayman IsLands



Ming vase couture — Love how it uses non-traditionaL Chinese siLhouettes but stiLL screams “CHINA!” at first gLance.


I seem to have a thing for miLitary-themed costumes this year.. SimiLar to this one are:

SwitzerLand – RoyaL Swiss Guard, PLayboy edition

and Ukraine — thank the force above they finaLLy ditched agricuLture-themed costumes!


I aLso seem to have a thing for cute white minis.. Like Croatia, and


and Montenegro


Now this is one pretty bird.

Ethiopia — simpLy pretty

Kosovo — their costumes has aLways remind me of Mutsumi Inomata‘s character design.. Maybe that’s why I aLways Like Kosovo’s costumes :p

And this is my favorite.. From the country that brings you ELie Saab and Zuhair Murad: LEBANON

I practicaLLy drooLed my screen.. SeriousLy I couLd stare at it aLL day and night.



Peru is EPIC

PhiLippines is so pretty

Trinidad & Tobago

This is more Victoria’s Secret show materiaL, but I just Love the coLors.

Honorary mention for cheeky originaLity:



Honorary mention for WTF-ness:

Great Britain

To quote a comment from ontd: She Looks Like a reject Spice GirLs.

pictures (and the rest of the worLd) snagged from here

3 comments on “Parade

  1. Tina says:

    I seriously wish I could have Croatia’s dress. I’m actually okay with Indonesia’s but now that you say it reminds you of the Latin Americans, I see it. Oh well.
    Loveeee all the elegant whites!! *snatches all*
    And really GB, wth. It’s like they didn’t put any effort at all into it -_- And I kinda wish Denmark’s tail wasn’t from velvet (at least I think it’s velvet) .________.

    • amadl says:

      I’d stiLL give Indonesia points for effort and creativity, but it just didn’t feeL Like Indonesia..
      And yes, those whites are so covetabLe ^^
      Maybe the Danish designer wanted to use a sheen-ish materiaL that Looks expensive, but yeah the taiL Looks..dragging

  2. iya iya yang putih2 mini itu lucu sekalii….!

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