2012 of my Life

So I was browsing through Apartment Therapy’s My Tech Top 10 and suddenLy got inspirations to make a post about my Life in 2012. I know, weird. And 2012 is stiLL going on for 2 more days.. But I figure I’LL do it now or never.

So, if you wanna know, here are the highLights of my 2012, in no particuLar order (just because they’re numbered, it doesn’t mean that Number 1 is the BEST best thing that happened in 2012, it’s just because it’s the first thing that popped out of my mind)

1. Music >> 2012 is an important year for my years because three of my favorite musicians reLeased a new aLbums this year: Jason Mraz’s Love Is A Four Letter Word, Linkin Park’s Living Things, and Muse’s The 2nd Law. But aLas,  The 2nd Law is not as GREAT as I expected it to be (aLthough I madLy feLL in Love with Madness and FoLLow Me), and Living Things is not the best thing Linkin Park has ever made after Hybrid Theory Like some peopLe said (I Like A Thousand Suns way much more).. But Jason Mraz deLivered Love. And seeing him Live again is sureLy one of the highLight of my 2012.

2. PhysicaL heaLth >> In one year I have had most severe toothaches which Led to two dentaL operations and three empty teeth sLots in my mouth (one more to go), and mysteriousLy scratched the cornea of my right eye. Jeebus.

3. A MERRY LITTLE TRIP TO JAPAN on September 22 – October 1, which Led to an impuLsive target to return on 2014 and 2015.

4. The brouhaha about MuLtipLy cLosing the bLog feature on December 2012 – that is mysteriousLy stiLL existing and operating untiL today, Lets see again in two days –  which Led to (Long story short) migration to WordPress. I know WordPress isn’t reaLLy the pLace for them who want to keep things private and confidentiaL (and most WordPress users seem to be stats junkie) but strangeLy I found it has the best private / protected posts feature compared to other bLogging services I’ve tested. The interface can be a bit confusing at first, but I’m aLready quite breezing through it right now.. And the appearance customization options with more than 200 themes is what reaLLy got me.

5. Yosakoi. After aLL the hard work for Ennichisai 2012, missing out JakJapan Matsuri, guest-starring in Surabaya, and an uLtimatum to quit from my father, I reaLized that I Love it and the whoLe Hyakka Ryouran famiLy (even though sometimes some of them can be reaL asses). And of course I’m NOT quitting, I’m aLready banking on ideas for 2013 costume. No sorry, Father.

6. I finaLLy bought a new phone ^^.

7. I quit my oLd job and moved to a new pLace where I finaLLy can experience Saturdays off. The pay is not much different from the oLd pLace, but the benefits are better and the Location is cLoser to home (Less time to face traffic!) and I think there wiLL be more opportunities open for me if I decide to move on again. I can’t teLL much about the work because it’s onLy been Less than two weeks since I started – and aLL I’ve done is read manuaLs – and no Internet (!!!!!), but LuckiLy I have a new phone :p And Saturdays off are priceLess.

8. Two of my cLosest friends are pregnant. My cLosest cousin gave birth to a beautifuL, naughty, baby girL. More pressure from both parents. Haha.

That’s aLL I can think about right now. Maybe if I remember more (or something super extra ordinary happens in two days) I’LL add more 😀

Happy New Year.



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