First: GoLden GLobe 2013 red carpet favorites

So I know GoLden GLobe’s today, and I’m curious about how Tina Fey & Amy PoehLer wiLL rock the party and if Argo or LincoLn wiLL win big (which shouLdn’t reaLLy matter to me, reaLLy, as I possibLy wouLdn’t have any chance to see both..but stiLL).

But it wasn’t after a friend tweeted me and suggested I check out Marion CotiLLard’s dress because she thought I’d Love it that I remembered: “Oh shit I have to do the usuaL red carpet post! And I have no internet at the office #@&$$*!!”

But ta-da, Lo and behoLd, my favorites red carpet Looks from the GoLden GLobe 2013.

New mama AdeLe in Burberry


The hostess Amy Poehler in SteLLa McCartney

ArieL Winter in VaLentino (who is this girL she’s so cute)

My preferred DeschaneL girL, EmiLy, in BadgLey Mischka. Love the detaiLs on the shouLders


I’m not a fan of both Jessica ALba and Oscar de La Renta, but this combo is so pretty

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu

Lucy Liu made a statement in CaroLina Herrera

And doesn’t my friend know me weLL — I Love Marion CotiLLard’s dress from Dior Haute Couture. I just wish she had done something eLse with her hair.. Loose waves wouLd have been better.

ProbabLy the onLy time Megan Fox Looked right for me, BIG thanks to the dress from DoLce & Gabbana

Another darLing who rocked ALexandre Vauthier, MicheLLe Dockery

RacheL Weisz in Louis Vuitton — I Love the pLayfuL dress

Aaaand Rosario Dawson in Antonio Berardi

>> random note: apparentLy not even ALexander McQueen can save Kate Hudson, which kind of breaks my heart..

Pictures taken from ELLE because the photos from are rubbish. And I hope more ALexandre Vauthier wiLL appear on Academy Award’s carpet in February.

One comment on “First: GoLden GLobe 2013 red carpet favorites

  1. […] of aLL, I don’t reaLLy remember what’s behind the word First in the GoLden GLobe red carpet post. But just to keep things tidy, this post wiLL have to bear the word Second in the […]

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