Some Eddie Loving and an open offer

I haven’t been here for a Long time and now, of aLL things, I’m going to rambLe about Les MiserabLes (2012, the musicaL fiLm).

So here’s what I’d do if I wouLd reaLLy watch Les MiserabLes again:

  1. Get into the studio earLy to check the Coming Soon traiLers. I’m betting for CLoud AtLas, which I’m sure wiLL roLL down once Les Mis roLLs away.
  2. See the first 10 minutes.
  3. SLeep for the next 45 minutes.
  4. Wake up to meet Marius and friends at the headquarter.

Preparations: find and memorize Lyric of On My Own.

Les MiserabLes is good, but overaLL I don’t reaLLy Love it THAT to guarantee it deserves a second viewing. If I was to reaLLy see it again, it’d be for making up to Eddie Redmayne for skipping him in My Week With Marilyn (damn you 21 Cineplex) andI reaLLy don’t mind to see more of him because he was bLoody fantastic as Marius. Yeah, he didn’t have any chemistry whatsoever with Amanda Seyfried, but I bLame her more.

So, wiLL I reaLLy see Les MiserabLes again? For Eddie Redmayne, yes. HELL YES. And Aaron Tveit is a super nice bonus.

They Will See the People Rise! Check Out the Latest Shot of Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne in Les Miserables

UntiL it disappears from Jakarta cinema, I wiLL continue to offer my service to accompany those who have no one to see a musicaL together. Just give me a caLL or a tweet, and hope that our scheduLes match.

got anything to say?

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