TaLes from miLLions

So this wiLL be a Long bLog post with nothing originaL contained in it.

This morning my twitter timeline was flooded by retweets from Neil Gaiman. Turns out, he is coLLaborating with BLackBerry, tweeted a dozen of questions related to each month of the year and he said he will try to make a story based on his followers’s answers (to find out more, just Let the man himseLf expLain about it) . Some are downright hiLarious, some sad, some wise, some hit the nail right into the head.

Here are the questions and my favorite answers – as retweeted by @neilhimself .

(I am stiLL torn between including my own answers here or to make an entire new post from it.. ShouLd I? ShouLdn’t I?)

#JanTale         Why is January so dangerous?

@asleepyfrog >> It carries all the expectations of the coming year, and all the regret of the previous.

@atlveg >> Because of the frogs.

@niesputri >> Because I met him

@MuseKnit >> January is the month of Faoilleach, or Wolf Moon, the full moon that comes on Friday and goes on Tuesday.

#FebTale         What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you in February?

@TheHamSammi… >> Every year, nobody asks me to be their Valentine. Which is strange because I am a hot piece of ass.

@KiwiKilljoy >> An old man came up to me and gave me $500 just because he wanted to see me smile.

@Qatami >> I had a package delivered, which I didn’t order. Inside the package was fake teeth and a letter only saying “Enjoy”.

@knitbytes >> I got a call from an ex-boyfriend, three years after he faked his own suicide.

#MarTale        What historical figure does March remind you of?

@NicholasVenture >> The Ides of March. When Cesar got stabbed a lot.

@37_percent >> William Woodsworth – daffodil season and all.

@JAKoellner >> Hannibal, and his march through the Alps.. war elephants in tow

@BitterlyAlice >> E E Cummings. “Spring slattern of seasons you / have dirty legs and a muddy petticoat”

@eds3rd >> Makoto Hagiwara of San Francisco, inventor of the fortune cookie.

#AprTale         What’s your happiest memory of April?

@LyssaPearl >> I married my husband on April 23, 2010. My dress was Italian silk, he was all smiles, and we had a lightsaber duel.

@TheBloggess >> She was lovely, with freckles in places unexpected.

@KiwiKilljoy >> One of my best friends woke up from a two month long coma after trying to kill himself.

@BerenWeil >> My Uncle dressed as Darth Vader for my 8th (?) birthday, thrilled my friends and scared the neighborhood bullies. It was epic.

@_NikkiLS_ >> April was when the ducks would trust us again; my father and I fed them fresh bread stolen from the inn he worked at.

#MayTale        What is the weirdest gift you’ve ever been given in May?

@xinekite >> After my son’s birth, a relative sent me a chef costume for him. We’re not chefs.

@ABlis116 >> My great grandmother’s tea set. Mom gave it to me, stuffed it in my closet, and told me to tell my siblings it never existed.

@Abeardedgnome >> A book of gay erotic art from my wife.

@scalzi >> A human kidney. At lunchtime. Not FOR lunch, to be clear.

@Lekyse >> Two weeks from graduation, my drumming group locked me in a storage closet so that they could ‘keep me forever’.

@filhotedelua >> my son, since he told me he is an elf, so the memories as his birth could be fake and he was given to me by the fae

@AcrophobicPixie >> I was 14. My grandma bought me wine coolers and a bottle of burgundy so I wouldn’t drink with friends after the school play.

#JunTale         Where would you spend a perfect June?

@aaronnoelp >> june of last year my 4 yo daughter beat cancer

@maymay268 >> In the farmland back in Pakistan, where there is 0 electricity & it’s 130 degrees F with my wonderful Grandma. ❤

@littleamita >> Sweden, sailing the cold Baltic sea The sun never sets Summer is eternal and full of strawberries and salmon

@juliangough >> I’d spend a perfect June orbiting the moon, on a planet much like this, 8 minutes from the sun’s kiss.

@JeanieBarley1 >> With my friends on the Isle of Skye, exploring and pretending to be pirates and Vikings and things.

#JulTale          What is the most unusual thing you have ever seen in July?

@prettyjedi >> When I was a little girl my grandpa drove to Mt Rainier at night and filled his truck with snow and put it in my yard!

@franceb4pants >> A balloon vendor in heavy wind and no sun. Bless him for trying. It showed perserverance.

@dametokillfor >> A 6’2’, hairy Sailor Moon playing Dance Dance Revolution with Wolverine and Darth Maul. At Comic Con.

#AugTale        If August could speak, what would it say?

@brennaalexis >> I’m the MILF of the months.

@arwenae >> Stop crying, Uni can wait. That bad grade will give you one last year to get to know your grandfather.

@Cavalorn >> ‘Kingmaker, I have crowned many thousand summers; but my last days will always whisper cold treason.’

@amarthis >> August would choose not to speak. She’d just whisper wordlessly and give you occasional heated glares.

#SeptTale       Tell me something you lost in September that meant a lot to you.

@Bibliogato >> The senior, dying cat I adopted from a kill shelter died this past September after 7 months with me. I still can’t sleep in that room.

@Fayili >> I thnk I lost my cynicism. Could someone tell me where it went?

@Adamdm_ >> I lost the respect of my peers after I was honest with them regarding who I am.

@CarolynLake >> A home.

#OctTale         What mythical creature would you like to meet in October? And why?

@Sulfhydric >> I’d like to meet the twelve months of the year, sitting in twelve chairs, telling tales of themselves.

@sforsharona >> A Siren, because I want to learn their mystical ways.

@ZombieBunie >> I would like to meet the monster that lurks in the tunnels under Boston and always makes the greenline late.

#NovTale        What would you burn in November, if you could?

@sugarandbrine >> I would burn hate, intolerance, and celery

@BloodyMarquis >> If I could burn a personality trait, my shyness. Thing’s been getting in the way for over two decades.

@NHLhistorygirl >> The closet in my childhood bedroom, and whatever lurked in there at twilight and dawn.

@BadAstronomer >> I am satisfied knowing stars burn, and they sometimes make it easier for others to as well.

@ScarinasVault >> Jupiter, b/c I’m reading “Cosmos” & it says that Jupiter could have been a star. I want to live in a binary system.

@ConstellationBo >> I burned all my notes from my failed attempt @ an Astronomy PhD. It freed me 2 be an engineer on the Hubble.

@geekdame >> I’d burn my heart each November, if I could, & put the fresh shining thing into my chest to bid the year adieu.

@MeiLinMiranda >> my medical records, but only if that would make it all go away.

@kayerey >> Maybe all my documents. Passports, IDs, birth certificate, everything. Sometimes I want to disappear.

@lentower >> Everything that makes us hurt one another.

#DecTale        Who would you like to see again in December?

@sabrakadabra >> myself, ten years ago. Poor sad, lost little girl.

@AuthorKatM >> The bank customer who gave me an Oscar Wilde biography. What an interesting, wise old man.

@Stephen_GM >> My father, to have the conversation that I couldn’t bear to have with him before he died.

@Sorak >> I would like to see all the cats I’ve loved and lost

@Flute_Brute >> The kind homeless man who reminded me that things do get better.

@DeathStarPR >> All the Stormtroopers we lost on that first Death Star. #RIP #NeverForget

@TallBrewnette >> my son, 25 years from now.. To share a beer with his father and I & to let him know we’re doing our absolute best.

OveraLL, reading them succesfuLLy restored my faith in humanity. And I can’t wait to see what kind of stories Gaiman wiLL make!

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