My faith in J-rock music has just been restored


Um. SeriousLy. They’re good. Like, I-Like-them-and-One OK Rock good.

But yes, yes, I admit I’m not reaLLy up to date with Spyair LateLy, and I admit that the major reason I watched the video was the prospect of seeing Ike-san and Kenta naked (but I don’t know why I aLways refer to Ike-san as Ike-san, whiLe the others are just.. Name).

To be truthfuLLy honest, I’ve been acting Like a middLe-schooLer who got over-excited for a gLimpse of skin from her crush. Maybe my hormones are having a rave party without me. I sure hope it’s not another pre-menstruaL syndrome – the Last one had just finished two weeks ago, and I’m running out of sanitary pads.
Or maybe this is just a side effect of having to witness the sight of Mr. Married showing up at work in a Leather jacket. Every freaking morning.


But anyway, Spyair is good. Not quite the New Ellegarden (NO ONE couLd ever repLace Ellegarden), but they’re good.

got anything to say?

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