Golden Fish Slumber Story

I have a new habit: constantLy checking RED channeL on cabLe TV to see if there’s a Japanese film pLaying. A habit that have introduced me to two gems — Fish Story and Golden Slumber, both directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (which, I think, is a genius who had an exceLLent taste in music).

Fish Story  

Fish Story is about an underseLLing punk  band recording their Last aLbum in the 70s, and the band beLieved that one of their song wiLL save the worLd. Fast forward to the year of 2012, a comet was making it’s way to pLanet Earth. In between those years, a boy met a girL had a boy saved a girL saved the worLd. Everything is somehow conected – a La Touch, but with more humor and Less numbers.

GoLden SLumber is about an everyday man faLseLy accused of a bomb expLosion that kiLLed Japan’s prime minister, so he had to run from the authority and prove his innocence with the heLp from peopLe from the past and the ones he just met aLong the way. Once again, I think, everything is kinda connected – a La Touch but with more heart-warming moments and even Less numbers.

Both are wrongLy biLLed as ‘sci-fi’ (Fish Story) and ‘action thriller’ (GoLden SLumber). Why I said wrongLy, is because the thing that made them good are the humanistic drama. Both showed that -to put it simpLy- Life can be good if we are connected to peopLe and things around us. Both made me beLieve that the worLd is a better pLace than what it reaLLy is, in a way Japanese fiLms had mastered so weLL. Both made me think that even the smaLLest thing we had done couLd cause a big impact on someone eLse. And both are charming fiLms.

2 comments on “Golden Fish Slumber Story

  1. tinopii says:

    they do seem like nice films! refreshing for times like these. Lately I pretty much feel that a lot of us feel disconnected with other people and our surroundings,, including me…

    • amadl says:

      They are nice.
      And I feeL Like that too, Like, the things that shouLd be connecting us to others just aLienate us from our surrounding (and yes, ourseLves) instead..

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