Past midnight I asked myseLf.. ShouLd I or shouLdn’t I.. a KindLe?
That is the kind-of-first-worLdLy question that popped up in my head when I was tossing and turning in my bed at 2 am.

I’ve thought about having an e-reader in the past, reaLLy, aLthough a friend said she remember me making a statement that I wiLL never give e-books and e-readers a chance. A statement which I don’t remember making, but I AM against reading on tabLets LikeΒ  the pads or the tabs because the gLare hurts my eyes Like heLL.

Back to the ‘Why’, the obvious number one reason is Lack of space in my sheLf, which currentLy Looks Like this


I am sharing a booksheLf with my mother, who aLso has a mammoth coLLection of psychoLogy and reLigious books (aLthough I’m pretty sure more than haLf of them are stiLL unread, yet). So the singLe sheLf I got is used for my noveLs. I do have another sheLf in my room, but it is excLusiveLy reserved for my most uLtimate absoLute favorite mangas.

Second reason is e-books are generaLLy cheaper (or even free!) than the price of imported books in Indonesia. And I wouLdn’t have to wait too Long to read some titLes which have piqued my interest.
Reason number three is, Lugging an e-reader in my bag couLd be Lighter than an actuaL 1000ish pages book (hi, 1Q48), which I think couLd greatLy improved the condition of my Left shouLder.
Next, is, e-books are kind of environment friendLy, no? No trees have to be sacrificed to produce a copy of e-book.
Last reason is probabLy because I’ve just watched You’ve Got Mail before I went to bed, so naturaLLy I wiLL have thoughts about books (and cyber romance), The TraditionaL versus The New.

But of course, there are the cons.
I’m stiLL concerned about the gLare, even though the aforementioned friend said reading on her kindLe is as comfortabLe as reading ink on papers. And the idea of having to sheLL out some money to buy a device just to read books feeLs a LittLe.. riddicuLous for me, not to mention the extra charging friLLs that comes aLong.

And the absoLute con is, I LOVE the feeLing of aqcuiring new books, speciaLLy if they’re not avaiLabLe anywhere in Indonesia and Book Depository’s shipping is puLLing some shit in the middLe of the way so I had to wait for two months. The feeLing of Laying my hands on them, opening them, and inhaLing their aroma for the first time is kind of orgasmic. And I have a siLLy dream of coLor coordinating my books in sheLves aLong a fuLL waLL. Like this:


So, Friends, e-readers, yay or nay? Thoughts?

7 comments on “Past midnight I asked myseLf.. ShouLd I or shouLdn’t I..

  1. tinopii says:

    Most people who read books don’t actually like tablets. I agree with your friend, I have a feeling you won’t like tablets to read books on either. The feel of turning a page and feeling the paper is kinda irreplacable. most e-books are free, but the new releases usually aren’t… well if you look really hard there is, but sometimes they’re the fake ones with the misspells and stuff like that.
    Haha. It sounds like I’m against tablets and Kindles and stuff, but I’m not, really… Maybe if you do decide to want one, probably the best reason is to ease off the pain off your shoulders … and your book rack XD

  2. amadl says:

    ExactLy. I am against tabLets, but am stiLL in the grey area concerning KindLes and e-readers.. *scratch head*

  3. I have Reader app in my Tab and never use it. It’s kinda hurting my eyes. But, yes Mel, it’s so much lighter, cheaper (not the gadget, but the book price), easier to keep. Argh, but I still have a dream that one day, I’ll have my own library in my house, eventho most of the collections are comics and chicklit or any other fun-light-reading books. Ehehehe…

  4. Naomi says:

    The friend says YES YOU SHOULD.

    *from a satisfied customer*

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