I hate store Lightings

Spring/Summer seasons in fashion usuaLLy mean one thing to me: LOTS OF ORANGE CLOTHES ON THE RACK. Which is a bad thing for my waLLet, but a good thing for my own personaL satisfaction because I want to have orange everything — Tops, I have Loads of them. Cardigans, ditto. Pants, I have a coupLe, but I have yet to find THE PERFECT ONE. BLazers/jackets..are the tricky ones.

I have one orange bLazer from a LocaL brand, but the coLor is more autumn-ish, rustic orange. I’m Looking for a bright, sunny, pop, summery orange one.
I’ve spied some in Mango, but they’re expensive, cropped cut (which I don’t reaLLy prefer) and the materiaL is Linen (which I don’t Like). CuriousLy, aLL the British fast fashion brands that I usuaLLy frequent don’t have any.

And then I saw one in Zara.
The coLor was dazzLing. The feeL of the materiaL is perfect. It was a bit expensive, but I have some vouhers that have been sitting in my waLLet for ever.
So today I finaLLy took it to the fitting room. The M-size was a bit snug on the arm, but the torso part was good. The L-size was sLouchy aLL the way. After some coaxing from a nice saLes assistant girL and a sweet saLes assistant boy, I went to the cashier with the M one, paid, and took it home.

Once I got to the private reaLm of my bedroom, I eagerLy took it out from the bag, but.. This is what I see



It’s a.. pinkish coraL.
It wouLd be a pretty shade for Lip gLosses, but it’s NOT my orange.

The cuLprit: the yeLLow Lighting at the store.
Damn it, why don’t those fashion stores just use normaL, white Lights to spare  this kind of misery on anyone??
(This is the nth time a case Like this happen to me– the most memorabLe one was when I was searching for my high schooL prom dress materiaL, the fabric was more red than orange when seen under the naked sun and I had to turn the store inside out to finaLLy get the perfect orange.)
Can I write to YLKI about this? I mean, I can say the stores are indirectLy Lying and trying to manipuLate customers..

LuckiLy Zara has a 7 days exchange poLicy.. No refund, but I can exchange this for some reaL orange tops.. *sigh*

2 comments on “I hate store Lightings

  1. tinopii says:

    man,,, that’s too bad. i wonder how orange it looked at the store!
    it really is pretty thoughhhh ^^a

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