A baby hates me

Since last year, the star of my mother’s life is my cousin’s one year old baby daughter. That cousin has aLways been my mother’s dearest niece, so I think it’s no surprise that she wouLd Love the baby tremendousLy, too. And the baby — I’m just going to caLL her Princesa to honor her Spanish father – is super cute everyone wouLd easiLy faLL in Love with her anyway.

Princesa adores my mother. She wouLd perk up everytime she hears my mother’s voice. According to my cousin, her first word was “buu”, from “Ibu”, the way everyone caLL my mother. And currentLy Princesa has taken a Liking to my father too, because he can pick and hoLd her reaL high, and he Likes to whistLe funny tunes for her.

Princesa hates me. Everytime she sees me up cLose she wouLd pout angriLy or snarL or throw anything at me. My mother said it’s because she can sense my true feeLing for her, that I don’t Love her as much as everybody eLse — which is somewhat true, but that doesn’t mean I don’t Love her. However, I aLso have my own theories:

  1. Princesa hates me because I’m mischievous, because I Like to tease her when we pLay, because I wouLd offer her things but then I wouLdn’t give them to her untiL she cries or pouts or snarLs or screams.
  2. Princesa hates me because everytime “buu” Leaves, she Leaves with me. I take my mother away from her.
  3. This one is just emphasizing my mother’s words, reaLLy. Β Princesa hates me because she knows I don’t have a heart that’s not capabLe to Love fuLLy, that some parts of my heart are coLd, rotten, and reeking. Like my mother said, very young chiLdren can sense Love, and maybe Princesa can’t sense any Love, just too many negativity, from me. Isn’t there a saying that it takes a pure heart to know a bad one? Or maybe I just made that up? :p

Anyway, happy first birthday, Princesa. I wish you’d have a sweLL Life, and by the time you understand EngLish weLL enough I’d made you Listen to ELLegarden’s Good Morning Kids.

7 comments on “A baby hates me

  1. tinopii says:

    babies don’t like me much either. they either like my brother or my bf better.
    does that mean i don’t have a heart, or i’m not good looking enough? *even more absurd theory*

  2. lmjapan says:

    I found this blog post hysterical. I don’t know if a baby ever hated me but one of my friend’s little nieces didn’t like me much. She was maybe 3 or so. Old enough to tell my friend she hated me!

  3. I’ve just read this post, Mel. You know what, my cousin’s baby girl cried whenever she saw me when she was younger (maybe around 2 y/o). I did nothing but she didn’t even want to be in the same room with me. Gosh. I thought, do I look like I’m gonna eat her or something? I know I don’t like kids that much, but do I have like killer aura or something? Toddlers hate me. Thx God every toddler will grow up and they’ll realize that I’m just a sad person.

    • amadl says:

      Sometimes I think babies and infants are the best aura readers, Like they’d cry whenever I try to approach them in a bad mood.. Maybe it’s because it’s stiLL too easy for them to separate positive and negative? *teori ngaco*

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