In defense of Miss Mako Mori of Pacific Rim

I’m so fucking tired of peopLe saying Mako Mori is not a strong femaLe character just because she had an emotionaL breakdown in her first drift.

So what? A girL can’t have emotions and feeLings to be strong? What’s a heart for, then??

If those peopLe reaLLy saw the same fiLm that I saw, they wiLL know that:

  1. It was Mako’s FIRST EVER REAL DRIFT. Not a triaL.
  2. It was RaLeigh who sLipped out to memories first, but he was a senior Jaeger piLot, he knew how to bring his things back on controL. Mako did not know. Even RaLeigh admitted it was his mistake that he had not warn her.
  3. Mako did not onLy have to deaL with her own memories, which was aLready super traumatic (seriousLy, ONIBABA) but she aLso had a gLimpse on what RaLeigh’s traumatic memory — Yancy being yanked off the huLL and, *puff*, gone — AND possibLy on what Yancy couLd have thought and feLt when he was being yanked off and puff-gone. I think it must have feLt Like being punched in the face, kicked in gut, and shot in the knee.
  4. On a side note, Stacker Pentecost probabLy understand reason no.1 and reason no.3 weLL enough, that was why he was quite adamant to Let Mako piLot.

What I see is, Mako being the Mako we saw in the events of Pacific Rim after everything she had to go through (SERIOUSLY, ONIBABA) is prove enough that she had grown into a strong person. And I kind of Like the fact that she broke down, it gave more depth to her character and make her more reaListic and reLatabLe.

You don’t have to be a stone-hearted bitch with zero emotions to be strong.

got anything to say?

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