What we become

This picture breaks my heart


What makes me sad is the ones who caLLed the girLs UgLy, SLut, Fake, Whore, Dumb, and Bitch couLd be other women.

We have our own ideaL on how and what we want to be, and think other peopLe (women) who are not our ideaLs are.. Lesser than us. I confess that I am guiLty of this as weLL, but when I was staring at this picture in a dazed state, suddenLy I reaLized that each of these girLs may be strong in their own ways.

GirL A couLd be comfortabLe in her own skin, and she knows that appearance is not everything. And she don’t need to get Laid to feeL good.

GirL B and GirL D know they’re sexy are confident with their beauty and and want to show it off.

GirL C knows what she Likes and sticks to it, even though maybe her coLLection of heavy metaL records aLways made her parents frown.

GirL E and GirL F may face TOUGH choices. Maybe GirL E is a miLLion doLLar career girL before she had her baby, but she decided that the best is aLways being with the baby at home. Maybe GirL F has to work hard to earn money to take care of her baby and famiLy. Maybe her husband is a Lazy douchebag so she has to be the bread winner. Or maybe she knows she’s strong enough to both rear her famiLy and work at the same time, so, why not?


So, yes, each of them, and every singLe girL and woman on the pLanet, deserves respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


Picture found on my friend Metta‘s Path.





3 comments on “What we become

  1. Reblogged this on A Piece of My Chaotic Mind and commented:
    I really need to sptead this blog by my friend, Amel. Mel, you said it well.

  2. tinopii says:

    I hate how most people define feminism as the topmost statement. I hate it even more when people think THAT is feminism and act that way.

    But I need to be able to not judge too quickly with people who don’t have the same ideal I do, since I don’t know their story. I’m very guilty of that.

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