SouL CaLibur

Even though today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday, I’m feeLing a LittLe.. souLLess today. So I think I’LL just do something ‘Light’ and ‘quick’.. Answering Tina’s Liebster Award questions! Hee hee.


  1. Are there any trashy music/books/movies you like? What is it?   Eh.. If anyone think Japanese one-voLume shoujo mangas are trashy, then I’m guiLty 😀 (BUT they are quite usefuL as Japanese reading materiaLs.. You know, to keep my Japanese up.. *excuses excuses*)
  2. If you could be a character in any fictional book/movie, who would you be?   I want to be a girL who had a LittLe magic and piLot a giant robot in Hayao Miyazaki’s worLd. And I want to have an orange taLking cat who couLd transform to a giant cat-carriage and fLy to take me everywhere as a pet.
  3. Is there anything that you are currently collecting?   I’ve been coLLecting movie tickets since 1999! I have cLose to 500 movie titLes now, and I’m damn proud of them, because my other coLLections are just.. dust :p
  4. Is there anything that seems like only you like? What is it?  The coLor orange. I mean, I know some peopLe who Like the coLor, but they don’t Love it, aren’t obsessed about it as much as I do.
  5. Would you rather live in your home country or overseas? Why?  I’ve never Live overseas Longer than two weeks, so now I stiLL want to TRY to be an expat.
  6. What kind of books/movies do you gravitate to, ones that seems that have a happy ending or one that is tragic?  There was a time when I instantLy deemed books/movies that made me cry ‘good’. But sad endings kinda depress me. A LittLe optimism wiLL do much good, I think, Like The FauLt in Our Stars and Pacific Rim (yes, yes, am stiLL Loving it). Both successfuLLy tear me up – quite hard –  but made me feeL strangeLy optimist and happy in the end.
  7. Do you believe in aliens?  Anything is possibLe. Who knows? The truth is out there.
  8. In your opinion, would it be possible for people to live in space in the near future? If yes, how? Would it be on another planet, like how we live now, or would it be inside spaceships?  Yes it wouLd. I do hope it wouLd. Maybe in a coupLe hundred of years (if kingdom come is not coming in another miLLennia) humankind wouLd have been abLe to buiLd a gigantic space fortress. Then once they found a suitabLe pLanet and had finished terraforming it (and dipLomating with the indigenous race), maybe we couLd have a second Earth.
  9. Do you ever wish you were born after or before your time? Why do you feel that way and what time would you like to go to?   I DON’T want to be born after my time, speciaLLy in the 2000s. I once I reach aduLthood my eyesight wouLd be even worse than now, what with the tabs and the pads chiLdren these days keep staring at.
  10. At what time do you think should one start to live independently?  Once one enter coLLege/university, which I didn’t get to do 😦
  11. If you could have one super power, what would it be?  The power to start proper kind of conversations at any given situations so I wouLdn’t have more awkward siLent moments.

3 comments on “SouL CaLibur

  1. tinopii says:

    you know, i’d love to have that superpower too! it’s like lately all that come out of my mouth are cynicism u_u and let me ride your giant-cat carriage too? 😉

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