Just wondering

About a month ago I created a set of questions for Liebster Awards, and one of them is:

4. Name a fictional character you would marry on the spot.

Two friends have answered, and their answers kinda tickLed my inner tummy in a funny way.

Name a fictionaL character you wouLd marry on the spot. – most definitely Takeuchi from Bokura ga Ita. – Tina

It’s hard. Maybe Ted Mosby. He’s desperate, cute, sweet, caring. I’m desperate. We can be clicked. – Metta

Both, I bet, are financiaLLy reLiabLe and are reaLLy the right kind of guy you’d Love to take home to see the parents. And if I have to answer, it wouLd be RaLeigh Becket, because even though his financiaL condition was abysmaL at best, he seemed so stabe, mature and reLiabLe and I wouLdn’t mind having a hot bLonde personaL cheerLeader.

Mmm hmm. Hi, RaLeigh.

Anywaaay, what intrigued me is, we were given a chance tofantasize and wonder and imagine what Life wouLd be Like with any man, yet we stiLL chose the safest bet for reaLity. I am wondering if someone wouLd actuaLLy answer Thor, or Kain Highwind, or BaLthier, or Link, or ALaddin, or.. any fantastic, wiLd, adventurous man scattered in the FantasyLand. Or, HowL Jenkins / HowL Pendragon.

Yes, he was vain, seLfish, sometimes chiLdish, a bit cowardLy and was most agiLe at running from responsibiLities, but (according to the book version) he was aLso kind and quite considerate and generous, and I bet a happiLy ever after with him wouLd never be duLL. ALso, depending on your preference, he couLd have Takuya Kimura’s voice or Christian BaLe’s voice.

Anyway, there are reaLLy no important points in this post. Maybe I just need a reason to put pictures of shirtLess RaLeigh and pretty HowL. Haha.

5 comments on “Just wondering

  1. I actually did think about Aladdin.. but I guess it was just biased. Maybe I just want Gennie to be mine! Hahahaha…

    • amadl says:

      Having a genie wouLd be wonderfuL, but then sex with it wouLd be.. erm.. weird, I guess?

      • Lol!!! I’m not talking about the sex!! Hahahahahaa.. I mean, Aladdin is nice and sweet and kinda sexy… But not to the extent that I want to marry him… Unless he gives me Gennie. Hehehehehehe… Ah, but ted is perfect for me. We’re desperate.

  2. tinopii says:

    Raleigh Becket’s photo! Personal cheerleader, hehe. Oooh abs.. *gets distracted*
    It’s weird, I really don’t have a taste for bad boys anymore. No matter how hard I rack my brain, I can’t think of anyone. Ooh! I wonder how getting married to Fred/George would feel like. It would be so fun and exciting everyday :))

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