I Love my mother, but..

..spending aLmost a fuLL day with her kind of stressed me out.

When she suggested we shouLd go somewhere out of J-town for the next Long weekend, I feLt Like there was a pair of coLd, iron fists pushing the insides of my chest out. Even taLking about fLight tickets give me headache. I know it wouLd be onLy for a coupLe of days and night, but the thought of having to stick around her and to everything together is scary. I know it wouLd be a very good chance for a.. um, compromise practice, besides, she have been compromising her whoLe Life since the day I popped in her beLLy, for heaven’s sake. But the thought stiLL gives me coLd sweat.

I’m such a bad daughter 😦

3 comments on “I Love my mother, but..

  1. tinopii says:

    it’s okay.. pukpuk >_<
    sometimes we do get tired of the nearest people around us.

  2. Interested in living separated from parents? Just to know how it feels to be free, and how it feels to miss the family members πŸ˜€

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