I know. I don’t know.

‘I don’t know’ will not get you anywhere.

That’s what my father said. If there are two things he hate the most about me, they are my penchant of not answering or repLying to anything he said, and my penchant to answer everything with ‘I don’t know’.
So he’d aLways griLL me for a definite answer. An exact answer and pLan. Maybe that’s why I aLways demand cLear answers from other peopLe. Maybe that’s why I can’t go with haLf-cooked pLans. And when others can’t give me answers, I’d be tempted to take controL, even if I’d be the party pooper in the end.

3 comments on “I know. I don’t know.

  1. tinopii says:

    I know! I hate getting ‘Ga tau’, ‘Liat ntar/besok’, ‘Spontan ajalah’ answers. REALLY REALLY HATE THEM. Unfortunately my boyfriend loves giving me these answers (he thinks they’re fun).
    Anyway, it just seems that my own plans are not important when people give me that answer. It sucks when that person suddenly don’t feel like it, and I’ve already emptied my day just for that person. Hey, I wanted to do other things too, you know. My day has the same worth as your day.
    I only say it when I don’t mean like going or I sense the other person doesn’t feel like going either. Cos when you really do want to go, you’ll try really hard to keep that promise, no?
    I sometimes feel like a strict teacher or something when I press people for exact timings and deadlines. Meh.

  2. Hehe, Tina got on her nerves… pukpuk, sabar ya sayang. Ga semua orang bilang “gak tau” atau batalin janji karena mereka pikir waktu lo gak berharga… Well, at least if I’m the one who cancel an appointment with you, it means I have to sacrifice anything else for the sake of my academic life due to this shitty brain. Misalnya, kemaren gue baru aja ngebatalin janji jalan ama temen kantor gara2 gue kudu ke kampus buat ngerjain tugas di hari sabtu… karena yg jago akuntansi bisanya ngajarin hari sabtu aja… Shit, padahal gw udah lama gak jalan ama siapa pun.. Sometimes, such thing happens and the answer: “I don’t know” “Let’s see later” “Spontan aja” doesn’t mean that you are not important enough… They just have another important thing to do.

    Eh, maap ya mel kalo agak oot.

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