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First, I just need to ask: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS YEAR’S MISS UNIVERSE NATIONAL COSTUME ROUND???  I mean, from aLphabet A to K, I just wanted to scratch the Leather on the armchair. ThankfuLLy, it gets somewhat better. But stiLL, I hate Indonesia’s costume even more than Last year’s costume.

What is this, a peacock Reog? I don’t think Indonesia is speciaLLy weLL-known for peacocks. Komodo dragons, yes. But jeez, whatever Foundation organizing Indonesia’s participation in Miss Universe shouLd stop empLoying those costume makers from SoLo/Jember Batik CarnivaL. Hate.

I’m quite heartbroken because Kosovo is not participating this year.. Their costumes were aLways good! But oh weLL, on with the rest of the Likes, in aLphabeticaL order.

Costa Rica >> the pink and goLd coLor combination is so pretty


Great Britain >> shooting up from “WTF” Last year to “Oh wow” this year with the sexed-up royaL gown

India >> one of THE best


Japan >> stiLL can’t beat Kurara Chibana’s costume, though

South Korea

Lebanon’s costume this year was not as beautifuL as Last year’s but it stiLL Looks so pretty


I HATE to admit this, but this year MaLaysia puLLed off a waaay better costume than Indonesia. The onLy fauLt were those tacky pLatform heeLs.

I beLieve this is Myanmar’s first participation in Miss Universe (oops, it is Myanmar’s first comeback after 50 years hiatus), and they did a fine job in (re)introducing their nationaL costume. UnLike Indonesia.



Everything about Peru’s costume make me smiLe 🙂

All hail the Ice Queen.. err no, Mother Russia




aaand Vietnam


and as usuaL, THE HONORARY WTF

All right, USA, you can turn back into your originaL car form now.

pictures snatched from here

4 comments on “CarnavaL

  1. lmjapan says:

    Is that seriously Miss USA’s costume? As an American I am dying of shame.

  2. tinopii says:

    MAN! Even before I scrolled down to see the rest of the text under the Indonesian pic, I was thinking “since when does peacocks do reog?! Stop multitasking and focus on one thing!”
    Good debut for Myanmar.
    Sweden (wipes sweat and calms down racing heart).
    USA!? Have you lost your minds?!

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