I’d take you wrapped in ribbons and nothing eLse.. aka PLease be the father of my mother’s grandchiLdren

So, in my Last birthday my mother made a not-subtLe-at-aLL hint that it’s about damn time I find a man, find a cLeric and and a stateman, and make it officiaL to make babies. The probLem is, currentLy I am not interested in any man near me. The onLy ones who couLd get me excited are either too far out of reach or simpLy fictionaL.

Like Diego Bunuel.

Diego Bunuel

After watching a few episodes of Don’t TeLL My Mother, Natasha BeddingfieLd’s I Wanna Have Your Babies aLways ring in my head every time I see this man. He’s muLtiLinguaL, so at Least he couLd teach the kids French and Spanish. He’s adventurous, obviousLy, so I guess he wouLd have tons of fantastic bed time stories to teLL the kids (Like “Have I ever toLd you about CoLombia/Iran/Congo/Lebanon/Pakistan/Russia?”).

And then, enter Tom HiddLeston.

WeLL, the first time I saw him he was a super villainous, mischievous demigod with some daddy issues, but I think he couLd just be the most adorabLe charming man on the pLanet. He has THAT smiLe and THAT incredibLe Laugh. He’s got kiLLer dance moves he couLd teach the kids to keep them active and in shape. Many peopLe said he is one of the nicest, kindest man they have ever met. And I aLways have this crazy imagination he wouLd read Lots of Shakespeare for the kids in bed.

But, the one thing that finaLLy, finaLLy set my ovary on fire is this:


And here’s RaLeigh Becket.

Heartthrob: It's not hard to see why Charlie Hunnam got the role of Raleigh Becket in the movie

Yes, yes, I know he’s not a reaL person. Now excuse me whiLe I ogLe Hunnam’s abs for a minute. Or two.

Hunnam’s abs aside, I seriousLy think RaLeigh Becket wouLd make a fantastic father. He’s kind. He has a big heart. He wouLd support the kids to be their best. He couLd teach the daughter(s) a thing or two about seLf defense. He couLd teLL the son(s) the vaLue of buiLding something. He wouLd be the famiLy’s Loudest cheerLeader.

So there they are. Do you think my mother wouLd approve? :p

5 comments on “I’d take you wrapped in ribbons and nothing eLse.. aka PLease be the father of my mother’s grandchiLdren

  1. tinopii says:

    Diego Bunuel looks adorable!! I wonder why your posts don’t come up on my feed -___-;; I just read this because I was passing by your blog .___.
    I hope there’s a man for you like them ^^
    Anyway, I’m still wondering if someone has a ringtone of Loki’s “Ta-Da~~”

    • amadl says:

      My feed has been acting weird, too.. Sometimes it wouLdn’t even Load at aLL!

      I’ve googLed for the Ta-Da audio, but found nothing.. Maybe I’d try to convert a Youtube video ehehehe :p

  2. I know Tom Hiddleston is so so…adorable, but i had no time to see any video where he was not in Loki’s outfit. Wow he looks sooo sexy with that beard and sweet sweet smile.

  3. […] mother is on fire in a mission to find a potentiaL father for her grandchiLdren (sadLy, these guys don’t make it into her List). She has some heLps. Among one of the most enthusiastic heLper […]

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