I haven’t feLt this high since Linkin Park

So yesterday I went to see One OK Rock’s concert in Jakarta.

Before I go further, I have to make a confession. I’ve known One OK Rock since around 2011, but had onLy started to reaLLy Listen to them since.. weLL, The Beginning (it’s an awesome song, OK?). I don’t even have any physicaL form of their aLbums, just downLoaded the Last three iLLegaLLy (oops). In fact, buying a ticket for their concert was aLmost a gambLe, because Β I don’t know anyone who reaLLy Like OOR enough to go see them with me — LuckiLy I found out a workmate is obsessed about them, so off I went.

And damn I’m gLad I bought that ticket. I haven’t feLt that high since Linkin Park’s concert in 2011 (not to discredit Jason Mraz’s concert in 2012, but Jason’s show was entireLy a different thing. His was Like a journey to reach a spirituaL zen nirvana, whiLe LP and OOR’s were Like a body-numbing physicaL orgasm). The difference is, Linkin Park and I have been together since I was in middLe schooL, and we’ve been through a Lot together. WhiLe One OK Rock is..– to crudeLy transLate a phrase in Indonesian– just a yesterday’s kid. But for a yesterday’s kid to made me reached that LeveL of pure high satisfaction, that means they are indeed very good.

And now I’m dweLLing in a state of fataL post-concert depression — even MORE fataL than the one I had after LP, and I’m kinda refusing to move on.

Is this normaL? I’ve been asking this question because it seems highLy unnaturaL for a mid-20s Like me to become so obsessive over a rock band. Yesterday, everyone around me were coLLege students and high schooLers. It’s normaL for them to be hyper, to bang their heads with abandon, to sing aLong and scream their favorite member’s name (TOMOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) on the top of their Lungs. I guess their energy must have rubbed off into oLd-me, because Last night I was stiLL giggLing hystericaLLy at midnight, chatting with the workmate on the phone. Those who foLLowed me on Twitter and Path must know that I’m stiLL haLf-dreaming. I feLt 21 again. Is that normaL?

(WhiLe yesterday at 9 pm -whiLe I was getting high- a high schooL friend gave birth to her first chiLd. Now that seems Like a normaL thing to do for a femaLe my age.)

But what the heLL. It feeLs so good to be young.

7 comments on “I haven’t feLt this high since Linkin Park

  1. Yasser says:

    There’s nothing wrong to went all out at that concert. Hell, even if you didn’t want to, the hype should’ve forced you to do so πŸ˜›

  2. tinopii says:

    I went goddamn crazy and out of control at FoB’s concert… by myself. And it was soooo awesome. I’m a bit sober now, but I play their songs everyday and spend tons of hours watching videos of them… especially replaying when Pete is being so cutesy with Patrick, and then I feel so guilty for acting like a 16 year old…. But I’d keep on doing it πŸ˜€
    Hey love knows no duration! Falling so so hard so quickly hehehe

  3. ampxxix says:

    I LOVE ONE OK ROCK! thanks for liking my post btw πŸ™‚ I listened to them from a long time ago (but not as long as you and LP). Only until recently OOR have gain so many fans from ‘The Beginning’ I start knowing more people who started liking them. I went to their concert in LA, and it was awesome!

    Speaking of age, waiting in line at the concert.. I told people my age, then people were like, “WHAT? YOU’RE TWENTY-BLEEP???” Man, when did all the people around me became younger peeps? I totally had way more energy than all them kiddies though xD

    I think it is the best age to be obsessed over a rock band in my opinion <-because I'm no longer a starving and broke student πŸ˜› (if OOR had come to the US earlier like back when I was starting college, I would not able to fly over to LA to watch them! not a chance!)

    • amadl says:

      I meant to Leave a comment too, but it was past midnight and I’m afraid I wouLdn’t make any sense just too much OOR-Loving (οΏ£β–½οΏ£) Ever since their concert I’ve come to Love them more and more, nearLy obsessed, even, and yes it IS good to be obsessed of something when you have some kind of financiaL freedom.. At Least we don’t have to study for tests or memorize math formuLas whiLe waiting in Line for the concert of your Life, right (^-^)

  4. […] and sharing snacks. The magic of One OK Rock, bringing strangers together. Speaking of strangers, back in 2013 in Jakarta I saw One OK Rock with a bunch of strangers, too, and we’re aLL stiLL good friends […]

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