So Last Wednesday me and a high schooL bestie went on a LittLe mid-week escape to Pari IsLand, just 40 minutes off Jakarta by speedboat.

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Everything was perfect. Aside from a 10-minutes drizzLe, the weather was so kind to us. The beach was aLmost deserted. The water was gentLe, perfect for just pLaying around, seasheLL hunting, and Learning how to fLoat. The food – just simpLe instant noodLes from a simpLe shack staLL – tasted divine. The speedboat rides were caLm.

But. The 3 hours journey home from the marina to home was far more taxing than the 5 hours spent in the water. Oh city Life.

4 comments on “Escape!

  1. tinopii says:

    Glad the weather was nice! Need an escape like this too >_<
    Too bad about Jakarta traffic though, drains so much life out of everyone.

  2. Pariii ❀️ sweet escape ya Mel!

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