Warning: Language

Rough translation:

Cumi Cola – Busway passenger harrased for wearing short shorts and sheer top | Sometimes crimes happen because there are triggers.

Purnomo Arudan – The girl is skanky.

This is disgusting. The trigger cLearLy Lies inside those dirty fiLthy brains inside those buttheads of the maLe humans, but they ALWAYS bLame the women.
Someone needs to stick up a burning iron stick into those men’s ass hoLes to remind them that THEY are the ones who bestowed those ‘sexy’ standards upon women that triggers their own dicks to wiggLe. To put it shortLy, those men needs some hard sLaps reminders to start thinking with their brains, not with their penises.

That if they even have brains at aLL.



2 comments on “Warning: Language

  1. tinopii says:

    i really don’t like that cumicola guy. or that felixsiauw guy. their followers are kind of like a cult and they are really brainwashing people to think exactly like them.

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