What it feeLs Like for a girL

According to a WHO study, more than a third of aLL women worLdwide wiLL experience physicaL or sexuaL abuse in their Lifetime. SeriousLy, if you’ve never heard of a rape case you must be Living under a rock or on another pLanet where it’s inhabitants are asexuaL or genderLess.

I won’t make a Long, winding, girL-angst post because honestLy, the first reaction I got after watching Oppressed Majority by ELeonore Pourriat was: Suck it, Porky. Because it’s high time those men know what it feeLs Like to be threatened, afraid, oppressed, for aLmost every singLe waking moment of your Life. How society design a day to ‘ceLebrate’ you but it’s just buLLshit anyway.

Enjoy, fatherfuckers.

One comment on “What it feeLs Like for a girL

  1. Wowww this is so strong. Hope those fatherfuckers understand.

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