I’m going to be honest. In the Last few weeks, I kind of hate my yosakoi group. I Lost hope on it. I even think about quitting, something I thought impossibLe Less than a year ago. It’s because I think nobody cares about it anymore. Even the GeneraL. Even when the GeneraL seems to care again, he made us Learn the choreography of Kyari Pamyu Pamyu’s MV. Yes it’s not a bad thing, but we’re not a freaking cover dance group, for your godLess arse’s sake.

Then yesterday I stumbLed upon a post with a video of aLL Kochi Super Yosakoi 2013 participants dancing to a song by GReeeeN, which I guess specificaLLy made to get everybody dance the dance.

It made me cry. It made me miss dancing with friends and a bunch of sweaty strangers at a packed matsuri. I miss the feeLing. I miss feeLing aLive. I think I’m kind of depressed by this Kyari Pamyu Pamyu shit* and it’s been a whiLe since we did any originaL number.

I’m going to hoLd on untiL May. And Let’s see if I couLd persuade the GeneraL to dance Kono Machi he.

*No disrespect to Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, she’s a good artist and some her works are dope. I just hate the idea of having to dance her dance. I’m thinking of baiLing out of this one.

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  1. tinopii says:

    It’s annoying when you have to do things that have no to connection to what you are. In general, I know how you feel.
    Don’t you wish everyone would just get back on focus?
    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one holding on to the past and everyone’s just moving on whenever this kind of thing happens.
    Oh Life.

    • amadl says:

      Yes, this. And it sucks to reaLize that somebody has to stick with it or eLse it wiLL faLL apart beyond repair but then nobody care enough to stick around.. Gah I’m sorry I’m rambLing again >_____<

  2. eizan says:

    Today we have a yosakoi festival in my hometown. I couldn’t come but my friends said that the public dance is this so maybe we will have about 10 team dance this together. It’d be fun πŸ˜€

    This is my team, we did the choreography ourself, not cover anyone, I’d love it ❀

    • amadl says:

      Oh I Love this song! It’s Dynamic Ryukyu, right? The choreography’s great, too, very Lifting (for the Lack of a better word ^^ )
      I’ve seen some videos of your team onLine before, they are very good! I wish someday my team can be as good as them πŸ™‚

      • eizan says:

        Thanks, we have 2 performances that the choreographies was done by our members, 2014+2012. That time is better than the one in 2012 ^^

  3. Kinda miss yosakoi too.. I remember when we were young (tsaaaah) and kearend that soran bushi dance.. Hard but fun because I did it with you guys.. Eventho I lack of sense to tempo.. It was fun. Hope Hyakka Ryouran will dance more and more kochi yosakoi.

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