The peopLe and the moraLe of the story

Om Swastiastu.

I got home from a short BaLi vacation today. The foLLowing diaLogue happened when my mom saw me.
Mom: You’re not getting any darker!!
Me: What???? My BB cream is aLready too Light for me right now!
Mom: Well, you’re stiLL not tan enough.
Oh mother -______________-

Anyway, just Like what I did after my trip to Japan, I decided to do a “It’s the peopLe that made the journey” post because honestLy it’s more fun than writing about day-to-day records. Aaaand maybe sneaks in a few mumbLes and rants in the end..

So I went with three friends from uni, VW, TT, and PC. VW is the heaLthiest horse of us. Me and PC started caught fLu a few days before we go. TT succumbed to nasty headaches on the Last two days.

Pak Wayan, our guide for three days. TypicaL BaLinese guide, very friendLy and pLeasant and kind and heLpfuL and chatty and oh-so-kind and I can’t say enough good things about him. He has the best rates during our excruciating search for a LocaL guide and having him was indeed the best pre-trip decision. He aLso suggested us to go to *peeeeep* Beach.

Our roommates at the mixed dorm room at Kayun HosteL where we stayed on the first night were.. I don’t know. I mean, even the Loudest, rowdiest traveLers in Japan were at Least considerate of their roommates, but in BaLi they were just.. Banging on the door, sLamming the door, opening and cLosing their Lockers LoudLy, taLking LoudLy inside the room at midninght, packing and unpacking noisiLy.. We upgraded to a private doubLe twin room for the next four nights.

Hendi, our guide from Bali Marine Walk. He taLks fast but cLear, speaks very fLuent Japanese, and has a super sense of humor. It turns out he – Like me & co. – graduated from Japanese Language study and used to work as an interpreter for several years, no wonder he’s so pera pera! He escaped from Jakarta because the city and ordinary corporate jobs stressed him out. To quote his saying, “Jakarta, high income fuLL stress. BaLi, haLf the income maximum happiness.”

Ni Funny, a staff at The Blanco Renaissance Museum. I didn’t get to ask her name, but she seemed to fuLLy embody the spirit of Don Antonio BLanco, fun Loving, witty, and humorous.

Oji and Yanto, the Kuta beach boys who instructed TT and PC to surf. One haiLs from Jakarta, and the other is originaLLy from Medan. ALthough I chickened out from Learning to surf, they were uber nice, kept me company whenever they can, and toLd interesting taLes about Kuta whiLe reLentLessLy chasing beautifuL girLs (or any potentiaL costumers) whenever they can. Maybe I’LL Learn to surf on my next visit.

BLi Baik at Seaside Restaurant at *peeeep* Beach. Again, I didn’t get to ask his name, and I didn’t actuaLLy remember the name of the restaurant, but it was the Last restaurant on the street. I ordered a portion of nasi goreng but onLy ate haLf of it because I Lost my appetite (and was craving for an authentic BaLinese nasi campur). When he saw me he asked if the nasi goreng was not good, was I okay, toLd me not to spend too much time in the water if I was sick and be carefuL because the tides were particuLarLy strong that day, and asked if Jakarta is stiLL raining and fLooded. When I saw him again to pay the biLL, he asked if I was okay, did I have a good time, and gave me a free cup of hot water to drink when I toLd him I was coLd. I Love BaLinese πŸ™‚

The Vietnamese Lady who ownsΒ Bahn Mi Saigon across the street from Kayun HosteL. I woke up Late on the Last day, way too Late for free breakfast time, so I went out to search for some nasi campur but her LittLe shop caught my eyes instead. Yes, I spent 4 days on that road but was onLy aware of the pLace on my Last morning. But boy, did I have one of the best sandwiches of my Life, ever. My eggs bahn mi was so beautifuL (I couLdn’t take a picture because I Lost my phone charger the night before so my phone was dead dead untiL I got home), so fresh, tasty, and the baguette (homemade!!!!) was crispy on the outside but soft inside. But then The Lady toLd me she was cLosing the shop in four days because she just couLdn’t manage on her own anymore 😦 She said she had get a job offer in Singapore, and reaLLy wish her good Luck in the future. She can make some kiLLer baguettes.

The nun who sat next to me at the airport boarding area. She has the most meLodious taLking voice I’ve ever heard, and maybe because she had chosen a path of serving her god, her face was so beautifuL and serene even though her fLight to Labuan Bajo was deLayed for more than an hour.


Right. Now onward to the mumbLes and rants part!

  1. Going on a vacation whiLe pLanning for the next vacation was a bit overwheLming ^^. EspeciaLLy when you don’t have a stabLe internet connection and your phone’s battery is rubbish.
  2. As I mentioned before, me and PC started the vacation with fLu. I took Loads of drugstore medicines with me, took them aLmost reLigiousLy and buy more when they ran out. I was doing okay untiL I succumbed to a bottLe of coLd beer on the Last night, which resuLted in a severe cough. PC, however, didn’t bring anything because she said she doesn’t want to change medicines so often (BUT THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE YOUR MEDS WITH YOU), and drink everything with ice on every meaL so predictabLy her fLu got worse. I know you’re on vacation but that doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of yourseLf, Miss. You’re an aduLt, for god’s sake.
  3. SHOPPING IN BALI IS RESISTABLE!!! I am proud to say that apart from a top and a dress for myseLf, a siLver brooch for my mother, and a box of miLk pies pLus a few boxes of dodoL saLak for the office I didn’t put any additionaL items in my Luggage. Proud ^^

That’s it. WiLL upLoad photos once I’m done sorting them out.

3 comments on “The peopLe and the moraLe of the story

  1. tinopii says:

    Oh it seems like so much fun! Too bad about the rowdy roommates though, bleh.
    Anyway, surfing!!! I want to learn too! Though I am afraid of getting banged in the face by the board. Is that possible though???
    The vacation planning while on vacation must be frustrating. Sorry >_< But thanks!! Can't wait for next month, haha.
    I hope we stay healthy till then!!

    • amadl says:

      ActuaLLy the vacation pLanning was a reaLLy good distraction when things got sour, but it was the internet connection that frustrated me. Very much. I don’t know how I’ve coped with Indosat these whoLe years..
      And yes, we shouLd try surfing! Though I guess gettng banged by the board was part of the.. fun 6^^

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