This. Is actuaLLy happening -___________________-

I Like my current job. To be specific, I Like my current job at my current department. It can be a LittLe boring when we don’t have anything to do, but actuaLLy we have Lots of interesting projects this year.

Then yesterday The Boss toLd me that one of the marketing department wants to ‘puLL’ me to their team.

I wanted to cry. I immediateLy thought of resigning. The Boss said don’t even consider resigning. He said he couLd see some ‘marketing quaLity’ in me. He said the decision is aLL up to me and I shouLd reeeeeaLLy think about it because this is a good chance for me. I was aghast.

I am scared.

ObviousLy, the job and the work Load wiLL be different. The Uppers wiLL definiteLy expect to expLoit my aLready non-existent Japanese skiLLs because that department is the damn one which deaLs with aLL our Japanese costumers. There wiLL be tons of technicaL materiaLs and product knowLedge to study. The pressure wiLL be bigger. The targets. HoLy crap I’m scared.

It is aLso quite exciting, yea. CLearer career path, bigger opportunity, faster promotion, and yada yada. I wouLd aLso be abLe to meet new peopLe, expand my network, improve my communication skiLLs, and yada yada. ALso this couLd be a big opportunity to do an ‘inside-troubLeshooting’ and maybe after a coupLe of years I couLd ask to be transferred back to my current department and work to improvement with what I’ve gained from the experience.

But I don’t know how much Longer I want to stay in The Company. I’m not a Marketing person, despite everything The Boss said. My passion is not there. But then again, I don’t even know what my passion is.

Cheesus I’m confused. *bLares One OK Rock’s Answer Is Near*

2 comments on “This. Is actuaLLy happening -___________________-

  1. tinopii says:

    It really does seem exciting! New things to do, new challenges, and new people!

    I get the feeling of wanting to stay in current positions because you like the thing you do now (OH HOW I KNOW, lol).. oh that comfort zone…

    I actually felt aghast like this when the uppers basically told me I had to go training to Japan. I literally cried everyday for 2 weeks because I truly did not want to go, and all the awaiting responsibilities waiting for me here when I got back. But I don’t regret it. I guess, haha.

    But this is a good challenge, right? Besides, I’m sure you’ll do well ^^ Well.. whatever you do, there’s no wrong move anyway ^^

    Good luck!

  2. okeyzz says:

    You should at least try the water first before deciding whether you like it or not. Personally, I found that opportunity quite a change and it could be fun!

    And look at the positive side, it’s clearly you’ll get a LOT more than if you still stay in your current position. I personally think you’ll enjoy it in no time πŸ˜€

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