Ten out of how many?

My mother is on fire in a mission to find a potentiaL father for her grandchiLdren (sadLy, these guys don’t make it into her List). She has some heLps. Among one of the most enthusiastic heLper is my cousin, the cLosest to her and my aLmost-sister. This cousin aLways say “I’m going to introduce you to a friend who’s a piLot” or “I know a guy who works in an oiL company and is doing very weLL” and things Like that, but because I was being my ignorant seLf, I never get to see those guys. UntiL Last week, I agreed to Let her to set me off with this guy she knows. The date is stiLL undecided. Then yesterday she caLLed and this foLLowing conversation occured:

Le Cousine >> So can we meet up on Wednesday?
Me >> Sure.
LC >> Can you get out early from work?
Me >> I don’t know. I can get out as earLy as 4:30. (Was starting to get annoyed)
LC >> Good, because we have to go to the salon first. We have to make you fabulous. What are you going to wear, then? Do you have a dress for office days? Something to make you look more girly?
Me >> No. (Was annoyed)
LC >> Then maybe we need to stop at Zara, too..
Me >> Is that reaLLy necessary? (Was super annoyed)
LC >> Of course that’s necessary, Dear. When we meet someone new, especially a ‘potential candidate’, in the first ten meetings we have to fake ourselves. Glam up, doll up. After that, it’s up to you. I did that with my husband when I just met him.
Me >> Fine. (Was annoyed and horrified)
LC >> Great. Don’t forget to bring your contact lenses on Wednesday.


So, in order to ensnare a ‘potentiaL candidate’ I have to be someone I’m not and then after 10 meetings I can scratch my butt in front of his nose? On the other hand, I know what my cousin’s sociaL circLe is Like. The circLe that requires frequent trips to hair saLons and boutiques to stay inside. But reaLLy, having to do the hair and buy new cLothes just to meet a stranger sounds exhausting to me. And today is onLy Sunday.

And I’m not going to write about the “what if”s. I guess that wiLL have to wait untiL.. Thursday.


6 comments on “Ten out of how many?

  1. Good luck with the meeting!

  2. Naomi says:

    Hang in there girl. (And tell me all about it later yah XD)

  3. okeyzz says:

    Noooo, bummer! I’d really love to hear what next! Haha.. you should write the follow ups :v

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