Reporting to Her Mothership (and accompLice) (and..)

Her Mothership: So how was last night?
Me: WeLL.. Le Cousine kept bugging me to get out of the office earLier than I shouLd, so I just get out Late.
HM: And then?
Me: She said we’d have dinner at 8. At 5ish we went to a swanky hair saLon and the make-up guy made me wear heavy fake eyeLashes. Then we just waLked around the maLL. LC insisted we must arrive 5 minutes Late.
HM: And?
Me: So we arrived 5 minutes Late.

HM: How was the man?
Me: He’s.. smaLL. Shorter than me. And.. mature? He’s oLder than LC.
HM: (Is that a snicker on her face?) What does he do?
Me: He said he has some.. business. But I think he’s aLso reLated to poLitics because LC kept saying he’d be busy for the upcoming presidentiaL eLection.
HM: What did you talk about?
Me: Economy? Japan? TraveL? Maybe he thought I’m stupid.


Le Cousine: Why didn’t you pick up my calls last night???
Me: Sorry, when you caLLed I was stiLL trying to get the fake Lashes off.
LC: So what do you think about him?
Me: He’s.. (sounds) smart.
LC: That’s good, you’LL never get bored with smart guys. And why didn’t you Let him drive you home?
Me: Do I have to?
LC: Well, next time if you go out together, you’ll have to let him drive you home. Some men like independent women, but some are scared of them. Okay? Do you understand?
Me: Okay. *as if there wouLd be a next time*
LC: So can I give him your number?
Me: Yeah. *whatever*


The Man: Morning. Are you doing anything today?
Me: Morning. Nope, just hibernating.
TM: Want to go see a movie?
Me: *Oh shit. Fuck.*



8 comments on “Reporting to Her Mothership (and accompLice) (and..)

  1. Naomi says:

    Meellll!!! Hahahaha.. So did you guys go to a movie today? (Is the date still going on now? ;p)

  2. ampxxix says:

    Women must stay independent!!!!

  3. We have to meet up and tell me the whole story!!!! Miss you miss you miss you!! *aku udah libur loh*

  4. okeyzz says:

    Ah.. aku ketinggalaaaan~ so, kelanjutannya gimanaa?? *super kepo*

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