I’LL be Like RapunzeL

Two weeks ago my mother took me to the hospitaL to get an injection because I have this annoying on and off cough since May. She even persuaded the doctor to give me a sick Letter for three days.
I’m off office on Monday. ALL I’m aLLowed to do were sLeep and eat and sLeep and eat. I was bored.
I went to work on Tuesday, but suddenLy I got worse.
My mother heLd me prisoner on Wednesday. ALL I can do were sLeep and eat and sLeep and eat. And watch some TV. I was bored to tears.
I went back to work on Thursday.Β On Friday I went to the cinema with a friend. When I toLd my father, he said: “You just got slightly better and now you’re already gallivanting at night??? Don’t even come home.” UnfortunateLy for him, I managed to get home before 8:30 because I saw the 5:30 show, the fiLm was quick, and my friend was wearing her ‘bad heeLs’ so we couLdn’t hang out Longer.

I aLmost managed to survive this week when on Thursday night I feeL hot in the insides of my body and coLd on the outside. I guLped down some meds and went to bed. Friday morning, Β I woke up burning and deLirious. My mother rushed me to the hospitaL with a set of cLothes and toiLettries – in case I shouLd spend a night there. I got IVed for the first time in my Life. The fever came down, the doctor refused to admit me in and give me meds, we went home.

Friday, aLL I can do was sLeep.
Saturday, I woke up feeLing much better. Went to the Lab for a bLood test which showed I’m in danger of catching typhoid.
Sunday, which is today, I woke up feeLing even better. The parents went out today, but not before teLLing me over and over again not to go anywhere. I wasn’t pLanning to, I have a mountain of Laundry to do. My father did something that make the washing machine dead. And it rained. Shit. My body is aching from aLL those sLeep. I can’t wait to get out of the house and go to work tomorrow.

I’m dreading the next few weeks. This whoLe being sick thing wiLL sureLy guarantee my status as a house prisoner, whiLe I have Lots of pLans for the next 2 weeks (in the hospitaL my father said this happened because I went to the movies in the previous week, on Saturday my mother mock-asked me if I wanted to go to dance practice). I know I sound Like a spoiLed brat now, ungratefuL that I stiLL have a roof over my head and parents who care for me, but the thing is.. being inside the house for too Long is sucking the Life out of me. The Longer I stay inside the house, the more anxious I get, the snappier I act around the parents, the more I hurt them. They wiLL onLy teLL me to eat more, sLeep more – which, yeah, is good for recovery after being fLoored by fever- but the more I eat, the more I sLeep, the more I Lose my wiLL to do anything.
I can’t muster the wiLL to finish the post on my BeLitung trip Last month (it’s been aLmost a month!!! ARGH). I have no interest to continue FinaL Fantasy IV — but maybe that’s because currentLy aLL my party members are men (three mature men, two of them bearded, one braided, and the Leader is a dude who championed purpLe Lipstick. Why am I bLabbering about them here?) I couLdn’t read more than 5 pages of Where’d You Go, Bernadette.Β This post was started at 5 PM and when I’m typing this it’s 10:06 PM.

I need to go outside. I need to see other faces. I need to taLk to someone eLse. I need to cut my hair soon.

5 comments on “I’LL be Like RapunzeL

  1. tinopii says:

    Aww, i didn’t know you were sick 😦 that’s too bad!
    Bedrest is tiring 😦 and boring.
    At least the first time you got an IV wasn’t as embarassing as mine -_-;;
    Maybe it’s the office air conditioner?? I got awfully sick sitting right underneath it. But not enough to land me an IV at the hospital, thank God.
    Get well soon!

    • amadl says:

      I just teLL myseLf I wiLL and must get better by Sunday, so I didn’t teLL anyone :p
      I stiLL don’t know the exact cause because the Lab resuLt for typhoid is negative (with warning), but some peopLe said I might get another fever attack on Wednesday. God I hope not.

  2. Naomi says:

    Meeell didn’t know you were sick! Get well soon giiiirl and let’s hang out then! πŸ˜‰ Hope the fever is gone for good! (Getting typhoid would surely suck)

  3. Ameeeellll… Didn’t know you got sick and still managed to make me cute Jason pic for my birthday. Thank youuuu 😍😘 And get well soon, darling! We have a plan to do πŸ˜‰

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