O brother

Four years before I was born, my mother had a miscarriage. If it hadn’t happen, I wouLd have had a big brother.

ProbabLy that’s why I’ve aLways Look for a brother figure and fantasize about “What if my Big Brother had been born”. (I’ve taLked about this with the Mothership, and she toLd me “You want a big brother? Go find a husband.” Sigh.)

If Big Brother was here, right now a wouLdn’t be aLone at the house whiLe the parents are going Hajj (though maybe I wouLdn’t be abLe to go out ‘tiL drop Like I have pLanned :p).
If Big Brother was here, maybe I wouLd be reLieved off the duty of giving the parents grandchiLdren.
If Big Brother was here, maybe he wouLd have taught me how to bike and drive.
If Big Brother was here, maybe I wouLd have a better debating and arguing and bantering skiLLs Learned from aLL the years of fighting. 
If Big Brother was here, maybe I wouLd have had someone who’d teLL me everything wiLL be fine.


Awwww Oji, you make me want to cut my hair again..

So what had triggered this Big Brother sentiment?
NusantaRanger’s Latest chapter, Debur.
EspeciaLLy that page above. Yes, yes, Rena and Oji are not bLood reLated, but seeing their dynamics in this chapter just made me go sniffLes and I need 5 minutes of meditation in the office Loo to caLm myseLf (and thus this post is born).

‘Kay, off to reread NusantaRanger again.

5 comments on “O brother

  1. tinopii says:

    aww 😦
    a big brother (a real one, not a husband) would’ve been a lot of fun, i guess.. someone to protect us and beat up ridiculous exes, for one thing. Huhu
    Hug >_<

  2. I always understand why people (mostly girls) want a big brother. I’m so lucky to have one (who, by the way, is patient enough to hv a crazy sister like me), but I haven’t meet someone (esp girls) who wants a sister. Oh my poor lil-sister. Hahaha..

    • amadl says:

      Yeah everytime I heard you say you can ask your brother about this and that makes me want one even more! XD
      But your sister sounds pretty awesome too, and I’m sure having a sister is aLso a bLessing, no?

      • Hving a lil sister is a blessing. Because, you know, you have someone to pick up when you’re bored xD hahaahha kidding. Everything is a blessing if it’s from God.

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