So this is the end?

I never think I couLd see Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends as many times as I’ve seen Kyoto Inferno, but that doesn’t mean I don’t Love it as much. Because this is where the action and Takeru Sato reaLLy shine, Like shine-bright-Like-a-diamond shine.

TLE is not perfect, though. The first sequence when Kenshin met Seijuro Hiko feeLs a LittLe dragging, even though making fun of Fukuyama Masahiro heLped a LittLe. SeriousLy though, Fukuyama is aLL “Look at me I’m a fabuLous swordsman and part-time potter!” and Otomo-san answered “Okay Fukuyama I’ve paid quite a sum for you so I’LL take as many cLose up shots as I can.” But, Hiko’s red costume is so.. distracting (may I emaiL the costume director and ask for a sketch?) And I Love how Kenshin shook and Looked Like a trembLing boy when he fights Hiko.
Anyone wondering about Kaoru? Don’t worry, she’s fine, as proven by this promotionaL image that I strongLy suspect exist just for the purpose of Luring more femaLe audience to the cinema.


Things starts to pick up when Kenshin finaLLy met Aoshi, but before we get to the fighting part BEFORE THAT I HAVE TO DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS THANKS TO THAT SUPER LOVELY WEE BIT OF A SMILE


Yes I’ve stooped THAT Low to took a photo during a movie.

Some notes:
Aoshi Looks reaLLy creepy-happy when he saw Kenshin.
A femaLe character HAS to get hurt first to tick something in Kenshin.
Kenshin basicaLLy bragging “Bro you wiLL never be abLe to beat me if you stay in the dark and keep on beating the shit out of the peopLe who care for you”.
Thanks to Kenshin, Misao got her Aoshi-sama back, and I got to see a haLf naked Yusuke Iseya crying in bed. Joy!

Once the story moved back to Tokyo, the second  most beautifuL action scene (sort of) in the whoLe Rurouni Kenshin triLogy fiLms happened. And I got to see another reason why Megumi is awesome. And then Kenshin hopped on a horse, rode to the beach then jumped ship to face Shishio.

That’s onLy the short story, though. TLE is a Long movie, yes, that wiLL take 153 minutes of your Life. But actuaLLy I wouLdn’t mind if it runs a LittLe Longer if that means the Juppongatana and Oniwabanshu couLd get more Love and screen time. And the beach battLe couLd have been the perfect stage for it. Imagine if..
Aoshi and Misao arrived at Uraga (I aLways imagine Aoshi running aLL the way from Kyoto with his shirt and coat unbuttoned, bandaged chest exposed.. I’m sorry.) to find, among other things, Kaoru -to honor Otomo-san’s intention in keeping her useLess in battLes- and Yahiko being cornered by Kamatari. Aoshi charged at Kamatari, easiLy defeating him/her (What is Kamatari supposed to be in the fiLms? A man-woman or a woman-woman?). Then Henya fLew over and dropped some bombs. Some kunais whizzed out of Misao’s hands, and seconds Later Henya was down on the ground. “Where’s Battousai?!?” Aoshi barked at Kaoru. Yahiko pointed at Rengoku. Aoshi ran over to the edge of the water, encountering Saito aLong the way (or they couLd have some cLashes of swords, to make things even more exciting ^^ ) and together they row to the ironcLad ship.
I figure with that extra LittLe scene TLE wouLd be roughLy the same Length with IntersteLLar. Not bad, methinks haha.

And then. HeLLo again, Sojiro! You’re getting more awesome! I wish you get more screen time too and I’d get more action from you. SeriousLy, boy, I Love you.
And then. The finaL showdown. Is awesome. Pure action heaven on heLL. I wiLL definiteLy buy the DVD.

But another good reason to buy the DVD is so I can see that finaL scene again. And again. And agaaaain. Damn you, Sato Takeru.

And then the screen goes bLack and Heartache is on. HonestLy, I’m a LittLe bit over the fence about Heartache as TLE’s theme song. It’s a good song, yeah, kinda feeLs Like Pierce with the notes of Notes n Words and Notes n Words with the words of Pierce. But LyricaLLy, I couLdn’t see how it fits with the story. LyricaLLy it fits better with the Jinchuu arc’s story, if it wiLL ever get adapted (yes pLease). But wait, on second thought, Pierce wiLL fit Jinchuu better.

So they say the Legend has ended. But I hope not. I’m thinking about setting up a campaign to get the Jinchuu arc adapted as weLL. HeLp, anyone?

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