It’s the end of the year as we know it.


When WordPress emaiLed the above annuaL report, it’s my aLarm to go “uh oh, what have I done this year?”.

Not much.

Here, in this pLace, I have onLy posted 27 times (28 if I couLd bring myseLf to finish this post), waaaaay Less than in my heyday of bLogging in MuLtipLy. I’ve performed with the yosakoi group even Less than Last year, which kind of breaks my heart. I bought a new gadget with my own money, which pissed my parents. I’ve gone on two trips with my Unidachi, one not so good, the other is THE BEST VACATION I’VE EVER HAD even though I have never written about it here — the draft is stiLL Lurking somewhere, though. I got into more fights with my parents. I dragged my ass up to meet some.. guys, even though none are going anywhere. I got IVed for the first time in my Life. I saw 2 fiLms for 9 times each, but I missed every singLe fiLm festivaLs that were usuaLLy the highLights of my year. I saw one of my best friends getting married (and just Like I knew I wouLd, I faiLed to hoLd my tears). I’m stiLL here in the office. And I’ve bought the tickets for the Long-awaited Japan trip next year.

Yeah, not much. But at Least next year I’m going to two of my top five favorite cities on the pLanet.

Here’s to 2014, and 2015.

11 comments on “It’s the end of the year as we know it.

  1. Elga Ayudi says:

    Waaaah! Mau ke Jepang?? Beli Midori langsung di sana ajaaa! Bisa di Bandara Narita atau Tokyo! Enjoy yaaa!!!

  2. tinopii says:

    I haven’t written anything at all this year O.o
    Still an eventful year, no? :p

  3. ampxxix says:

    I want to go to Japan again!! if you ever get to writing it, I’m looking forward to reading about it ^-^

    I still have a couple drafts left on the remainder part of my Japan trip last year….

  4. 2014 was quite good with some trips, rite? Have a blast year, Mel!!

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