Fandom and fangirLs are scary things, eh. And the internet makes them even more scarier.
I guess I’m pretty Lucky Internet was stiLL a commodity equaL to exotic rare birds when I had the hugest ceLebrity crush on Josh Hartnett and Scott Moffatt so I’ve never had a chance to go baLListic whenever I heard they were dating anyone. Or when I heard Chester Bennington remarried.

Kids these days, though.

I understand if those fangirLs feeL possessive over some musicians/actors/idoLs’ works, but I don’t get how they feeL that they possess controL over said musicians/actors/idoLs’s personaL Life. And then going as far as harrassing anyone suspected (or proven) to have personaL, speciaL reLationship with their objects of idoLatry. ProbabLy because the internet made it easier to get to know the idoLs in LeveLs unimaginabLe just 5 years ago, with no respect to privacy? And maybe because now it’s super easy to reach out to those idoLs, to say something, to give them messages and a piece of your mind without ever meeting them personaLLy?
Kids these days are greedy, huh? They expect their favorite musicians/actors/idoLs to keep on working and make fans (them) happy, but when the idoLs seem to have find personaL happiness that doesn’t invoLve them, they go berserk.
Maybe because they’re stiLL kids.

One comment on “Terrors

  1. Last sentence. Agree.

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