Feature perfect

Binging Against The Current’s Dreaming ALone earLier in the day made me reaLize how perfectLy harmonious Takaboy’s voice sounds together with Chrissy’s and that he is actuaLLy a great coLLaborator. UnLike a certain American rock vocaList featured in The Abomination of 35xxxv, Taka has this sense of.. um.. how do I put this.. compLimenting the Main artist. CLues from SimpLe PLan’s Summer Paradise and Grown Kids’ song which titLe I totaLLy forget and is too Lazy to GoogLe.

Which brings me to remembering my other favorite ‘coLLaborative’ songs, where the two voices and ‘styLe’s of the two vocaLists perfectLy combined, bLended, and created one heLL of a song.

Jason Mraz – DetaiLs In The Fabric feat. James Morrison
Details In The Fabric [Music Video]: http://youtu.be/K-QKFbNU2CY
Confession time: the first few times I heard this, I couLdn’t even teLL which one is Jason’s voice and which is James’.

Within Temptation – Utopia feat. Chris Jones
Within Temptation – Utopia: http://youtu.be/lBnqi0U8mtY

Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us) feat. Tarja
Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us?) ft.…: http://youtu.be/Dy6MpsDPKts
Another one from Within Temptation because SHARON AND TARJA SINGING TOGETHER ASDFFGHJKL

Toshinobu Kubota meets KREVA – MAGIC
Toshinobu Kubota – M☆A☆G☆I☆C: http://youtu.be/F8CHDVQkHZY

James Iha (stiLL with The Smashing Pumpkins) – Said SaidLy feat. Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt
Said Sadly – James Iha Nina Gordon: http://youtu.be/cOy5BkA69FY
Oh Iha, where are you. What wouLdn’t I give to see you sing together with John Frucsiante.

Superfly X Hata Motohiro – Kaede (Spitz cover)
Superfly x Hata Motohiro / 秦 基博 – Kaede / 楓 (Spit…: http://youtu.be/SWIykhx0PU8

Steve Conte & Maaya Sakamoto – The Garden of Everything
The Garden of Everything – Steve Conte feat. Maay…: http://youtu.be/-JkxLpKc5N0
Ah. I stiLL get chiLLs everytime I Listen to this one. Kudos to madame Kanno Yoko for bringing these two beautifuL voices together.

And of course, the song that pretty much fueLed this post
Against The Current – Dreaming Alone (Ft. Taka fr…: http://youtu.be/Jjn1pKj8oxM

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