You know the way back

I swear I have never intended to turn this bLog to be a One OK Rock bLog, but those boys are currentLy ruLing 80% of my brain, so.. Here it is, another post (rant) about One OK Rock. SpecificaLLy, about their ‘new’ aLbum 35XXXV Deluxe Edition. If you ask what’s the difference between the ‘originaL’ version and the ‘deLuxe’ version, the simpLe answer is the Lyrics in the originaL are 20% Japanese and 80% EngLish, whiLe the DeLuxe Edition is 99.8% sung in EngLish.

So, as I’ve done previousLy with the ‘originaL’ 35XXXV, here’s my first impression of 35XXXV Deluxe Edition.

Note: This is written whiLe I streamed the aLbum for the first time on Altpress. I have bought the physicaL CD (FINALLY ONE OK ROCK CD IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE IN INDONESIA PRAISE GOD) but have not found the strength and enough wiLL power to Listen to it. Even posting this takes days.

WARNING: may contain too much cursing and CAPS LOCK for your Liking

1. 3xxxv5
WeLL, nothing changed from the originaL. Was sad when I reaLized this is the onLy song that contains Japanese words.

2. Take Me To The Top
I initiaLLy hated this song. I thought it was a mess of a song. But over time it has become one of my top three track from 35XXXV. And am stiLL Liking this one. And at Least they keep the transition to Cry Out intact. Phew.
3. Cry Out
The new part is pretty nice. The originaL is stiLL better, though. PLus, my favorite Line in the originaL is gone 😦
4. Suddenly
I MISS TORU :((( Now I have a new LeveL of appreciation for this song. ALso, I’m kind of curious how this song wouLd feeL if it had some Japanese Lyrics. “Paradays” tho.
5. Mighty Long Fall
WHAT HAPPENED. I cranked up my Laptop’s voLume to the max but everything sounds.. buried. Under aLL those autotunes. EspeciaLLy the vocaL. The second verse becomes boring. Nope. Nope. OHMYGODMAYIBURNTHOSEAUTOTUNEMACHINES. Grappiti tho.
6. Heartache
Ruined. This sounds Like a MeLayu pop song that was aLL the rage in Indonesia years ago. RUINED. SO THIS IS HEARTACHE.
7. Memories
This song can just go on and fuck itseLf. John FeLdmann too, shouLd go on and fuck himseLf.
8. Decision
Oh, hi, TyLer. You sound nice. Your voice bLends – Like, REALLY bLends with Taka’s. Somehow I can feeL this is truLy a coLLaboration between friends. UnLike The Abomination.
9. The Abomination
I’m skipping this track.
10. Good Goodbye
Umm. My Tonic BaLm Gin. Somehow sounds more overproduced than the originaL version, but not as ruined as Heartache.
11. One By One
To be honest, this song has never made any impression on me. So, weLL, the onLy impression I get from this version is.. this one has more Taka screaming “whoo!”?
12. Stuck In The Middle
I have warmed up quite a bit toward the originaL version but OH MY GOD NO NO NO NOT MORE AUTOTUNE. The English Lyrics fits in perfectLy, though.
13 Fight The Night
Oh weLL. Sounds just the same with the originaL. I’m curious if they wiLL stiLL put this as the opening song in their Asia tour setList. I hope so.
14. Last Dance
Everything in this song feeLs haLf-assed. HaLf-assed music. HaLf-assed vocaL. HaLf-assed Lyrics. THE VIDEO. Ugh. I wish this is not One OK Rock’s song. I wish this is just a song by a one-hit-wonder pop MeLayu band.
15. The Way Back
KICK ASS INTRO and then it sounds Like 21 PiLots. Even more unnecessary noises. Waiiiit are those.. turntabLes? Ergh. ExactLy the same probLem with Stuck In The Middle, it has great potentiaL but got boggLed down by too much unnecessary noises. A perfect exampLe of bad mixing.
Um, okay. I reaLize I’m going to sound Like a hater, but..
I have a feeLing that some super bad fairy had kicked aLL the autotunes and effects up a notch. And the ‘fLow’ feLt sLower than the originaL.. or was it just me because I actuaLLy dreaded to Listen to the aLbum?
HighLight on Taka’s vocaL — Β it’s not so.. raspy anymore. He stiLL sounds good, but his singing doesn’t invoke as much The FeeLs as previous works (Mr. Gendai Speaker comes prominentLy to mind). Here he sounds Like “Oh what the hell I just have to sing and get this done”.
Maybe it’s the Lyrics. Cheesus the Lyrics. I say, Taka stiLL needs a more intensive EngLish Lessons before he can write EngLish Lyrics that’s reaLLy good, because I think aLmost every US highschooLer can write Lyrics Like his. Sure the band might finaLLy get the recognizition Taka craved so much, but this aLbum sounds too generic to make them ‘big’.
Music-wise, I’d rather have them re-reLease JinseixBoku= in fuLL EngLish Lyrics than.. this thing.
And I hope Taka wiLL not sing in fuLL EngLish on the Asia tour.

2 comments on “You know the way back

  1. totoryan says:

    I actually had to check on my playlist to figure out what was “the abomination” LOL omg… hahhahhhaaaha
    Anyway, in one of the japan radioshows they did when promoting 35xxxv the original version, Taka himself said that until that point (around the release time of the album) that song had not really clicked with him yet. He laughed at himself, saying, “I know, what kind of band put a song they don’t really clicked with into their album? hahaha anyway,” and he moved on to another topic. From that radioshow I guessed that the band was under certain position to not able to reject whatever it was Feldy was suggesting… (once again, I think the band felt too honored to have feldy producing them that they just follow what he said for the meantime. let’s hope this doesn’t continue for too long in the future huhu)..

    With them always experiencing and trying out new styles (or some sort), One Ok Rock has the potential to be as creative as Linkin Park. Some of their music will sound so gooood and some will sound mehhh… but since I have already reached the stage where all I want is for them to enjoy their journey and experience and keep trying their best to make music that is “cool” to them at the time… I’ll stick around πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thank you for talking with me about OOR I really enjoyed the discussion πŸ˜€ My name is Yanti by the way! What name can I call you with? Nice to meet you! (fyi I’m gonna stalk your blog after this hahahahahah)

    • amadl says:

      Yes I’ve read about that too, and about how Quinn came into the scene, and somehow that makes me hate the song even more (οΏ£^οΏ£) And FeLdmann. I suspect Taka has a speciaL worshipping aLtar dedicated to FeLdmann or something. I hope in the future they wiLL work with someone.. eLse. MeanwhiLe, I’m sticking around, too, because I beLieve they can be better than they are now (your mention of Linkin Park is a great reminder that patience and LoyaLty sometimes pays XD).
      And.. omg I have a staLker *bLush* I reaLLy enjoy our OOR taLks, too. I’m AmeL, pLease excuse my capitaL L-s ^^ Nice to meet you~

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