30 Day Song Challenge, Day 4 – A Song That Reminds You of Something Sad

Something sad, huh? Damn I hate this.


I had a chiLdhood friend who is a musicaL whiz. He couLd form a one-man band if he wanted to – and if he had 8 sets of arms. He was especiaLLy charming on the piano, and girLs wouLd fLock to him Like ants to a cake Left uncovered on the tabLe. On our Last assignment for music cLass on Last year of middLe schooL, he pLayed this song. Then we graduated and gone to different high schooLs. A few months Later, I heard that he had stopped going to schooL because of drug abuse.
He’s doing fine now, though πŸ™‚


Years ago, one of my high schooL bestfriend announced she was pregnant with her first chiLd, and my first reaction was humming this song. It’s sad, reaLLy, to greet a new Life with such a pessimistic sentiment.

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