30 Day Song Challenge, Day 8 – A Song That Makes You Cry

SeriousLy, today’s theme couLd be mixed with day 4,5,6,and 7 – they wiLL make me a jumbLe of emotionaL mess. Aaaand, another One OK Rock’s song, sorry.


NOBODY’S HOME – One OK Rock (Niche Syndrome)

If I must point out an emotionaL masterpiece by Takahiro Moriuchi, I am much torn between this and the same as. Both have simiLar veins in feeLing sad and sentimentaL without being sappy. Both have Lyrics that sometimes hit too cLose to home for me. But eventuaLLy Nobody’s Home wins because it has more raw emotion than I can handLe it makes my chest hurt every time I hear it.

Note on the featured video >> I know the video couLd overLap with the theme for Day 17, but I just Love how.. mutuaL the interaction between the band – especiaLLy Taka – and the audience was. The audience cLearLy Loved this song, as they know this is a song with a reaL story behind it, and EMO! Taka is not something you often see these days..

ANTEBELLUM – Vienna Teng (InLand Territory)

I remember hearing this song for the first time and immediateLy feLt reaLLy down and sad. It’s a beautifuL song, but there’s just something about the piano that made my tear ducts burst.

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