30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 10 – A Song That Annoys You

Oh snap, I forgot to post this yesterday, so.. here it goes ^^;


A song that annoys me, huh. In generaL, I get easiLy annoyed by hip hop, eLectro/house/trance, and sappy pop songs. I am aLso super tempted to answer One OK Rock’s The Abomination Song of 35XXXV, but I don’t want to give it another acknowLedgement other than The Unfortunate and AbominabLe One OK Rock’s song. But 35XXXV doesn’t come short of annoying songs, so:


LAST DANCEΒ – One OK Rock (35XXXV Deluxe Eddition)

I have taLked about those two before, so I won’t do that again. I personaLLy think Memories’ Lyrics is kinda Like a third-cLass rap Lyrics (Go on and fuck yourseLf, pfffftsh), whiLe Last Dance IS a sappy pop-MeLayu song.


4 comments on “30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 10 – A Song That Annoys You

  1. tinopii says:

    The boss was asking about Melayu music the other day, maybe I should make him listen to One OK Rock’s Last Dance

  2. totoryan says:

    hahahaha the more we like a band/ group, the more pissed off we will be when they release a song we don’t quite like xDDD trueeeee

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