30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 13 – A Song You Sing in The Shower


Hmmmm. I don’t reaLLy sing in the shower, but I Like hearing the guy next door singing in the shower. He sounds pretty good in the bathroom setting, and his musicaL taste ain’t too shabby. And I have never met him in person.
Anyway, I have the conception that singing in the shower somehow resembLes karaoke, so I’LL just feature “The songs I aLways sing everytime I go to karaoke” instead. And of course sometimes I sing them in the shower, too.


The Love for Spitz was inherited from my seniors in coLLege – sadly this tradition died in the hand of our juniors three years down  To me, Spitz is Like a more meLLow The Beatles, their music is easy to digest and once one song got stuck in your head, you wiLL remember it forever. Like this song. There’s something comforting about the guitar notes in the intro, Like going to your favorite reLative’s house. And once I named two stray kittens who Lived at my bus stop Ruru and Urara, after the Line “Ru~rara uchuu no kaze ni noru”. I reaLLy wanted to take them home, but my mother is highly sensitive and aLLergic to furry/hairy animals. Urara was hit by a car and died, and Ruru disappeared not Long after that 😦

ADVENTURE – [Alexandros] (ALXD)

ALexandros is one of the band I’m most excited right now. Their Latest aLbum [ALXD] is aLmost perfect, and sureLy is in my Top 5 of 2015 List.
Now, about this song. I Love the ambience. I Love the Lyrics. I Love the bassLine. I Love the MV. I Love how difficuLt it is to sing to, be it under the showerhead or in the karaoke room. CurrentLy this, aLong with the next song, is my “Score ChaLLenge” karaoke song. The highest I got was 97, but I suspect there was a gLitch in the scoring system. Once I ‘graduate’ from Adventure, I’LL move on to Run Away.

05410-(n) – Radwimps (Radwimps 4: Okazu no Gohan)

One of the few Radwimps song I genuinely Like, because it’s the easiest to chew and swaLLow. This, Like Adventure, is aLso my “Score ChaLLenge” karaoke song. And for some months, the theme of my Life.

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