30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 14 – A Song You Like When You Were Younger

I’m a bit confLicted with today’s theme.. Does it mean songs that I Liked but don’t Like anymore? Or songs that I started to Like back then and am stiLL Liking today?
LuckiLy, today is a nationaL hoLiday so I had pLenty of time to rummage my CD and cassettes coLLection to get a gLimpse to my past, and Let’s just say I get a few “OMG I used to Listen to this five times a day!” moment.

WALK ME HOME – Mandy Moore

I’m cringing and giggLing Like crazy as I type this LoL LoL
On a more serious note, I have aLL three tapes of MTV Fantastic Females coLLection. This song is taken from voLume 3, and one of the most rewinded song because it’s the caLmest song in it. On an even more serious note, I used to Listen to MORE femaLe musicians (or songs with a femaLe vocaL) back then than I am now. That kinds of make me sad.

COLD – Static X (Machine / OST Queen of the Damned)

Rest in peace, Wayne Static. Rest in peace, AaLiyah (because I first heard this in Queen on the Damned fiLm) Now, how can I get my cassette pLayer to work so I can hear the FamiLy VaLues Tour tape again?

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