30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 15 – A Song PeopLe WouLdn’t Expect You To Like

There wiLL be two kinds of answer here..
One, peopLe didn’t expect me to Like it because it’s not in the ‘genre’ I usuaLLy Listen to;
Two, peopLe didn’t expect me to Like it because they think I shouLd have ‘grown out’ of it.
FunniLy enough, the ‘peopLe’ here is actuaLLy just one person.. a coLLeague who thought she knows me so weLL.


One day me, that said coLLeague, and a few others went to karaoke together, and her jaw dropped when I sang this song. For the next few days she kept teasing me about it Like “OMG OMG I would never think you like One Direction OMG OMG” but then, through some twists of fate, she morphed into one of the most annoying Directioners I have the unfortunate to personaLLy know.

THE REVELATION – CoLdrain (The ReveLation)

A few months before the whoLe 1D incident, she caught me watching CoLdrain’s Knotfest 2014 Live videos, and because she was curious, I showed her. Then she went “OMG OMG I can’t believe you’re still listening to this kind of music! We’re adults now, even high school kids don’t like Linkin Park anymore!” Duh, girL, chiLL. I know we are aduLts now, but I think being an aduLt doesn’t mean I have to Like those monotonous eLectronic/dance/trance/bass & drums music my peers seem so obsessed with right now, or those  boring pop/hip hop/bLues/jazz music some peopLe my age are trying hard to ‘get into’ just so peopLe think they’re cooL and ‘aduLts’. I know musicaL tastes wiLL change aLong with age, but honestlY, usic from bands Like Linkin Park, CoLdrain, Crossfaith, One OK Rock, and such wiLL aLways be my ‘aduLtery’, so be it. (Ah, come to think of it, maybe this is why she was so surprised that I can Like a One Direction song)

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