30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 18 – A Song You Have As Your Ringtone


My current ringtone is a boring, stock tune packed inside my phone. Nothing speciaL. However, years ago I used to be more adventurous in the ringtone business, I even got a ringtone maker software — which is sadLy gone now as my oLd Laptop crashed beyond repairabLe.


Random note>> I aLways have a suspicion that this songs sounds a Lot Like HoLst’s Mars: The Bringer of War (from The PLanet Suite) or a Profokiev’s Romeo and JuLiet baLLet music.
Random note aside, a few years ago I set this as a speciaL ringtone for my father. WeLL, because.


Some peopLe compLained to me that this song is too noisy as a ringtone. Not a probLem for me. The probLem for me, is, I aLways deLayed to pick up the caLL just to Listen to the tune untiL it finished, Leading to so many missed caLLs. Hence the current stocked tune ringtone.

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