30 Day Song Challenge, Day 20 – A Song From an ALbum You Are Looking Forward To

WeLL, it happens in a cycLe. ALmost aLL of my favorite musicaL acts wiLL reLease a new aLbum in one or two years time, and then for the next two years I wiLL have to go through ‘Limbo time’ because they wiLL be busy touring and promoting their Latest reLease (in which none wouLd come to Indonesia. Such is Life), . The Latest cycLe is 2014-2015, with Jason Mraz, Linkin Park, One OK Rock, FLorence + The Machine, and Muse simuLtaneousLy reLeased new aLbums and caused a huge dent on my finance.

Words of The Youth – CoLdrain (VENA)

I usuaLLy spent part of the aforementioned ‘Limbo time’ by swimming through anything the radio and MTV threw at me, but thankfuLLy in the Last two years I have made acquaintance with some interesting acts Like ALexandros, Crossfaith, the telephones, and CoLdrain. Now, ALexandros and Crossfaith had reLeased their terrific new aLbums in June and September, respectiveLy, and CoLdrain’s is coming in just a coupLe of day. They posted a preview yesterday, and I Like it so much that I aLready pLaced an order for a physicaL CD ^^
Random note >> So.. One OK Rock’s Taka, Crossfaith’s Kenta, and CoLdrain’s Masato are pretty good friends (seeing the three of them together aLways managed to make may day sparkLy and fuLL of rainbows and unicorns, and now one of my Life GoaLs incLude seeing them perform together on one stage with my very own eyes), and I can’t heLp but notice the ‘pattern’ of their Latest aLbums’ titLes..
One OK Rock – 35XXXV
Crossfaith – XENO
CoLdrain – VENA
What’s up with the Letters X and V, guys? A secret pact or something?

Born To Be Free – X Japan

FINALLY A CLEAN RECORDED VERSION OF THIS SONG ASDFGHJKL. The singLe, though, wiLL not be reLeased untiL November 6th, and the aLbum is even further Long the wait.. I just hope Yoshiki wiLL stiLL be aLive and heaLthy and functioning by #XDAY (or March 11 2016, for the common peopLe)

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