30 Day Song Challenge, Day 22 – A Song You Haven’t Listened To In A WhiLe

Ah. Considering I have around 1000 songs buried in my SD card pLanted inside my phone.. I have around 900 songs that haven’t been Listened to for a whiLe. So I used the tried-and-tested method of “ShuffLe aLL songs” in WaLkman to find the ones worthy of featuring, pLus some from the musicaL acts that recentLy popped in my mind. So forgive me if I go a LittLe trigger-happy ^^;

Honey – L’arc en CieL

A high schooL friend dragged me to see a speciaL Jakarta Live viewing of the band’s L’arcasino concert Last week, and it was.. nostaLgic. They’re around 40s now, but they stiLL got it (aLthough Tetsuya didn’t seem as active as he used to, but my friend thought he was just under the weather). The finaL three songs of Honey, Stay Away, and Ready Steady Go was cLimatic.

And! WhiLe we’re taLking about “L’arc~en~CieL”, “concert”, and “Jakarta” in one sentence.. I couLdn’t resist to sneak this video in

Damn it I wish I was there.

Shut Up And ExpLode – Boom Boom SateLLites

Just heard that Boom Boom SateLLites had to canceL their one-man shows because Michi-san’s condition is worsening from brain tumor reLapse.. For the fourth time. That man sure is a fighter. HopefuLLy he wiLL get better soon..

Strangers – Raj Ramayya

OH MY I haven’t Listened to this in AGES! Thank you, WaLkman’s ShuffLe button!

I Miss You Like Crazy – The Moffatts

LoL where are these guys now. Okay, Last one!

Lanterns – Rise Against

Okay I seriousLy have no idea how this song is here.. But this is cooL. Might have to research Rise Against Later. Thanks again, ShuffLe button!

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