30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 23 – A Cover Song

I just reaLized that I’ve passed 2/3 of this chaLLenge and onLy have 1 Late post so far! Yeay! Seven more days to go! One week! Yosh!

Now. Cover songs are.. tricky. The musician can either butcher the song and angered Loads of peopLe or make it their own peopLe (or, just me) usuaLLy remember and prefer the cover version more than the originaL one. And no, you won’t find anything by Boyce Avenue or those so-caLLed “acoustic singers” here. And no Youtube covers either, so, sorry, Goose House.

The one Lady who has the taLent to sLay and make every cover she’s done as her own is CharLotte Martin. Her covers are usuaLLy minimaL, just her voice and the piano, but that works very weLL because, reaLLy, that’s aLL she needs.

JUDAS – ChaLotte Martin (Darkest Hour)

Ms. Martin aLso done exceLLent covers of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven and The RoLLing Stone’s WiLd Horses. And of course, her originaL music is exceLLent, too.

JUMPER – BedLight For BLue Eyes

The first time I heard this I was thrown away because it sounds kinda simiLar with the originaL yet aLso very.. distinguished? I guess it’s the piano. Or, Like I get a new perspective from the exact same Lyrics. I Like the originaL version very much, but this version wins by a sLight margin, because piano aLways wins.

HIGHER GROUND – Red Hot ChiLi Peppers (Mother’s MiLk)

This song (and the fiLm Center Stage) is important to me because it taught me that you can dance to ANYTHING. Anything.


The originaL by Daft Punk is a fine, groovy, party tune, but I prefer the hanging by the firecamp/basement/paL’s bedroom mood brought by ALphabeat.

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