30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 25 – An Acoustic Song You Love

Ah, this is interesting. Sometimes I use the acoustics as a point to measure how truLy good a song and/or a musician is. Because in acoustic the reaL focus shouLd be the music, not the gimmicks, the effects, the extras etc.

THE SAME AS Studio Jam Session version – One OK Rock

This version feeLs (and breathes) Like a whoLe different song from the originaL. Sometimes I forget how fast and hard it reaLLy is.

MIGHTY LONG FALL Studio Jam Session Vol.2 version – One OK Rock

The first time I heard the originaL MiLF, I thought “What the heLL is this mess”. The first time I heard the acoustic version I cried because it’s just SO beautifuL in aLL it’s simpLicity, without aLL those noises John FeLdmann imposed on the originaL track. I can hear Taka’s voice (his PURE voice without the autotunes) and everyone’s instruments cLearLy. Just.. beautifuL.

AKATSUKI NO KURUMA – FictionJunction Yuuka

I don’t know what to say about this one other than this is composed by Kajiura Yuki. Period.

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