30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 29 – A Song You’re CurrentLy Obsessed Of

The PenuLtimate Post! One more day to go!!!! Whoo hooo!!

Anyway, today’s theme is kind of famiLiar with Day 19’s theme.. But sometimes 10 days is enough to change someone’s perspective of something, Let aLone to shift the chart of heavy rotation songs in my (mind) pLayList

WILDFIRE (feat. Benji Webb from Skindred) – Crossfaith (XENO)

The onLy party song in XENO. And what a fine party song it is. Together we deLiver~


The Ending song for Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans /Iron-blooded Orphans is the BOMB. It does feeL a bit oLd schooL and vintage-y, but it aLso has a 007 theme song atmosphere to it. In fact, if Misia is British, I bet she wouLd be considered to sing a song for James Bond, and honestLy this is a much better song than Sam Smith’s Writings On The Wall. PLus the song couLd bring out the best of Misia’s voice. Love. The onLy thing missing is a fuLL-Length MV.

WHOLE – CoLdrain (XENA)

For better or worse, I couLdn’t find any video or mp3 to embed here. Oh weLL.

Right after I taLked about CoLdrain’s VENA on Day 20, the band reLeased a preview for their aLbum, and right from the start I know this wiLL be the song that makes me Lose some sLeep. It reaLLy does. Damn the Lyrics. By the way, the aLbum is aLready reLeased worLdwide and the packaging of the Japanese version has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CD CASE EVER. DefiniteLy worth the extra 500 Yen shipping fees.

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